Optical illusion in Jen Hawkins' snap leaves fans gobsmacked

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Jennifer Hawkins has shared an adorable glimpse into her life with new daughter Frankie, but a very strange detail in one snap has fans wondering if there is more than one baby on board the Hawkins-Wall family.

Flicking through the first two snaps gave many a fan whiplash when they did a double-take at what seemed to be a very pregnant belly.

A sweet snap of Jennifer Hawkins with baby Frankie had fans doing a double take. Photo: Instagram/ Jennifer Hawkins

On closer inspection, it becomes clear the ‘pregnancy’ is really a hysterical optical illusion.

The former Miss Universe’s cardigan is gaping open, with the edge of it blending into her dark shirt to create the illusion that it’s an extension of her body.

Fans baffled by optical illusion

With baby, Frankie balanced on her hip, and her body is angled to hold her the final product is a hysterically realistic-looking baby snap that had many seriously confused.

“Gorgeous pic but Frankie looks like she's sitting on a baby bump because of the angle your jacket is on,” one person pointed out. “Seriously adorable bub and growing so quickly.”

“I had to look twice too!” another agreed.

“I thought you were pregnant at first look,” another giggled.

Jennifer had fans gushing over adorable baby Frankie. Photo: instagram/ jenhawkins_

Others said they instantly realised it was the funny angle and not a second pregnancy, given the amount of time since she last posted a snap.

“I thought, wow that second pregnancy went quick,” one joked.

Others were to busy losing their minds over the real baby in the photo, Frankie, who she welcomed with husband Jake Wall in October 2019.

It’s not all been smooth sailing for the Aussie mum, however with Jen copping criticism for a photo of her newborn in the sun back in January.

Though some argued it was ‘irresponsible’ the model clapped back at the critics saying she had the baby in the shade, not that it was any of their business in the first place.

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