Mum sparks debate with 'treat' in son's lunchbox: 'Poor kid'

A mum has divided followers after sharing a video of her packing a controversial 'treat' in her three-year-old son's luncbox.

The mum, who goes by @muddlethroughmummy on TikTok, has garnered almost 300,000 followers for sharing parenting tips from how to be organised to making healthy snacks for children.

In one of her videos, the UK mum shared the items she packed into her son's bento box.

She gave her son a cheese stick, homemade protein balls, and strawberries she cut into a heart shape.

The mum then used a star cookie cutter and inserted a piece of carrot inside a circle of cucumber, and used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to shape his jam sandwich.

A lunchbox containing a sandwich, protein balls, a cheese stick, fruit, vegetables and raisins.
The TikTok mum was slammed for choosing raisins as a 'treat' in her son's lunchbox. Source: TikTok/Instagram

The mum however divided her fans when she poured a box of raisins into the 'treat' section of the lunchbox.

"How's raisin a treat?" one follower questioned.

"Raisins as a treat, poor kid," another commented.

"Not raisins as a treat," a third commented.

"I would be sad if a raisin was my treat," somebody else claimed.


Others defended the mum for her lunchbox, saying some children liked healthy snacks.

"I'd be more than happy with this if I was little," a follower praised the mum.

"Love staying healthy with the treat, love it," another said.

"Maybe the kid likes raisins. Who. Cares," somebody else supported the mum.

Aussie mum sparks debate with lunchbox

It comes after an Australian mum sparked a debate with a photo of her son's lunchbox last year.

The woman took to a Facebook group to ask if it looked like enough food to feed a Grade 4 boy, with the snap sparking a flurry of responses.

The lunchbox in question featured a meat sandwich, an LCM bar, a packet of Twisties, an apple, and a Tupperware of crackers with cheese.

While many filled up the comments with helpful replies, others were quick to criticise the mum and call out the ‘processed meat’.

A mum shows off her child's lunchbox which contains a sandwich, apple, cheese and crackers and Twisties.
Many criticised the Aussie mum on Facebook for her lunchbox choices. Source: Facebook

“I would take out the LCM, the cake and the Le Snak. Sandwich, two snacks and fruit is my general rule,” one person said.

“Too much food. Less snacks, more veggies,” another said.

Others jumped to the mum’s defence, especially when the morning show Today posted the image to their Facebook page.

“Oh my goodness! She's sending her child to school with food – yes there are processed things but there are also things that aren't. People can be so judgemental. At least she does the right thing, has food for her child and sends him to school with enough food for him to get through the day,” one person wrote.

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