Mum's X-rated find in Typo Christmas wrapping paper: 'Horrified'

A mum has shared her shock after finding an X-rated detail in her Christmas wrapping paper from Typo. The Queensland shopper posted the racy design on a popular Facebook group, warning others to check their purchases thoroughly.

At first glance, the $6.99 Christmas wrapping paper looks ordinary — but a closer look reveals an ‘aroused’ snowman alongside two mating deer.

L: Typo wrapping paper on an olive green background with confetti. R: Close up of Typo wrapping paper showing two snowmen
Shoppers were in stitches over Typo's raunchy wrapping paper. Photo: Typo & Facebook

“To anyone who purchased this cute wrapping paper from Typo…just a little thing or two I noticed,” Nicole wrote in the caption, followed by some laughing emojis.

The mum-of-four had already wrapped some presents before she spotted the saucy detail.

“I purchased them online and only noticed when I was wrapping my third present — thankfully the first two were for me and my partner!” she told Kidspot. “When I first saw it I had to send photos to my friend and mother to see if they noticed anything off while wiping laughing tears from my face.”


Nicole isn’t letting the wrapping paper go to waste, and plans to cover the rude imagery with ‘strategically placed name labels’. The mum said her discovery was ‘hilarious’ and hoped her post would stop others from making the same mistake, as well as ‘give people a laugh’.

L: Two deer mating on Typo wrapping paper. R: A box of Christmas sticker tags with an 'aroused' snowman circled
Other shoppers realised the X-rated design was available on a multitude of products. Photo: Facebook & Typo

Her post on Facebook has received over 2k reactions and hundreds of comments about the ‘hysterical’ wrapping paper.

“Oh god! I was tossing up between this and the gingham! So glad I went the gingham…my in-laws would not find this funny at all!” one relieved shopper wrote.

“Not impressed as a parent, I would be horrified if this was given to kids,” a second added, while another wrote: “Explain this to your kids! Sex Ed at its finest!”

“You’re kidding. I got this paper — more than one roll too,” another mum admitted sheepishly.

“Here I was thinking it’s such a cute print!!! My god!!!” a group member remarked.


In the comments, another group member said she had purchased matching Christmas labels and the post prompted her to double-check them. Sure enough, her labels had the ‘aroused’ snowman at the top.

“Oh my god so good!! I’m definitely putting this one on my mum’s present,” she wrote, adding that her mum has “the best sense of humour and will love it”.

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