Mum horrified by filth removed with Kmart item: 'Next level gross'

She wasn't expecting this.

A mum got more than she bargained for when she took her new Kmart Spot Cleaner out for a spin. The nifty household item costs just $99, but she was amazed at the amount of gunk living in her sofa.

Sharing a snap of the filth sucked out of her couch on a popular Kmart Facebook group, the mum declared her furniture was “putrid”.

Two photos of Kmart spot cleaner filled with dirty brown liquid
Kmart's spot cleaner can extract filthy water from your furniture. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia

“Finally got my hands on the Kmart Spot Cleaner. Wanted one so I could clean my car but thought I would have a play with it on my couch. OMG,” she wrote.

“I have only done one seat of my three-seater and this is the outcome so far. Can’t believe I’ve been sitting on this putrid couch,” she added. “There’s been a lot of drinks and food spilt on [the couch]. I have a two-year-old. Plus the couch is about six years old and I’ve never cleaned it before.”


The dirty liquid was a dark brown, with one person saying it looked like “coffee” while the shopper compared it to a “chocolate milkshake with way too much chocolate topping in it”.

The mum also shared some handy tips and tricks for using the spot cleaner, telling other Kmart fans she used Britex Upholstery Cleaner from Bunnings in the device.

“I bought this stuff from Bunnings. Low foaming. I used the directions on the back of the bottle which is four caps full, then filled hot water from the tap to the line on the spot cleaner,” she said.

Kmart spot cleaner cleaning a rug.
This $99 spot cleaner from Kmart has been touted as a miracle worker. Photo: Kmart

Shoppers react to the filth sucked up by the Kmart spot cleaner

The mum’s Facebook post attracted hundreds of comments, with many sharing their own experiences with spot cleaners.

“Oh Lordy. Wait till the car – it’s next level gross, and your mattress [as well],” one shopper warned.

“I did our couch with our recently purchased Bissell and it was the same! I was just as mortified as you! Will be getting regular cleans from now on!!” another exclaimed.


“We bought a caravan and I bought [a spot cleaner] and it’s as bad as that. Had to clean each cushion three times till the water got finally clear. Yuck. Incredible what we can’t see. I feel it’s also a blessing or we would just stand everywhere,” a third wrote.

“This is so gross, but so satisfying at the same time. Now I’m scared to use mine,” another remarked.

Kmart spot cleaner cleaning a couch.
Haven't cleaned your couch in a while? This is your sign to do it. Photo: Kmart

Kmart fans praise $99 Spot Cleaner

Other shoppers shared their experience with the miracle cleaning device, with one saying: “Just received mine yesterday. Hubby did the car seats OMG couldn’t believe the colour of the water. Dark brown. Best buy ever.”

“I have one. Aren’t they amazing? Best $99 ever spent,” another commented.

“Love mine! So far I’ve done my old floor rug to sell and did the seats in my car this afternoon. Next is the lounge the kids mainly use,” a third chimed in.

“God I love mine. I got super lucky with mine and I just can’t imagine not having it,” another wrote.

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