Mum flips Kmart and Bunnings products into industrial-chic shelves: 'Love this'

Getting a designer look for less is easier with the likes of Kmart and Bunnings, but sometimes it takes creativity and DIY skills to really shine.

That's just what one Perth mum has done after spotting a shelf for about $150 and deciding to make it herself.

"Industrial shelf using the acacia serving boards," Perth mum Anthadene shared with a picture on the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook Page.

Three acacia boards joined with black plumbing fittings and mounted on a white wall, and decorated with laboratory style vases and beakers.
Perth mum Anthadene created a designer shelf with supplies from Kmart and Bunnings. Photo: Supplied


Fellow Kmart fans loved the result, with almost 800 likes and over 70 comments.

"Oh I love this!" one said.

"OMG such a good idea," another added.

Many were interested to find out how she achieved the designer look.

"I’ve made a towel rail like this, so I am familiar with what has been used. It is an awesome look," one person commented.

"They are plumbing-type fittings (near the plumbing dept @ Bunnings), usually just galvanised. Looks like the OP has painted them black."

And that's exactly what Anthadene had done.

"The serving boards are from Kmart and all the metal framework pieces and black paint is from Bunnings," she confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle.

The online shopping page showing acacia serving boards, $17 from Kmart.
The shelves that were used are actually serving boards from Kmart. Photo: Kmart

"I saw something similar on Pinterest and decided to try make it myself and love how it turned out."

But given it's a particular design aesthetic, Anthadene was surprised by the positive feedback.

"I didn’t think it would appeal to so many," she said.

"I love the industrial look."

She used three $17 acacia serving boards and a selection of plumbing fittings to suit her design.

Many people also loved the science-inspired beakers she used on the shelves, which fellow group members revealed could be bought through eBay.

There are lots of videos on YouTube and TikTok of how to make an industrial-style shelving unit, if you need more inspiration, including the TikTok video below, by Interior designer and content creator Emily Rayna, that has been watched over two million times.

Emily even suggests painting PVC piping to save money.

Now it's down to your imagination to recreate this at home.

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