Aussie's amazing basement transformation: 'Ultimate upcycle'

Renovating your home can be expensive, but one Aussie transformed her basement into a fun space for friends to hang out for about $1000, using other people's trash and a lot of imagination.

Single homeowner Tracey shared her project in the DIY on a budget Australia Facebook group and members were amazed.

The basement before renovation and after it was transformed into a party room; at left the floor and ceilings have been primed in white paint and there is a small amount of light from a tiny window and a fluoro tube; at right, it has been lined with fence panels and a bar created and lit in a funky way, with stools and a dance floor.
The basement was pretty basic before Tracey transformed it into a fun place for friends to hang out. Photo: Supplied

"This is a room under my house that has been in the redecorating process for over a year now," she posted.

"I couldn't afford much, so when my neighbour said we were getting a new fence put up, I asked if I could have the old one.

"She looked at me like I was crazy.

"Then a mate gave me a few sheets of tin, which I spray painted silver.

"My parents bought me some 2nd-hand carpet tiles as a Christmas gift, and Dad and I worked on this room when we had a chance.

"We made the bar on the wall and the kitchen bench from scratch."


'Finally, it's finished!'

All that was left was for Tracey to add the finishing touches.

"Add some LED lights, and empty bottles with light corks, and it looks a million dollars," she said.

"All up, I reckon it's cost about $1000 to do, with the pine benchtop, carpet tiles, tiles on the floor and lights."

Members loved what she had done, with almost 500 likes and over 100 comments.

"Absolutely love this well done," one person wrote.

"Wow!!! That's the ultimate in upcycling. Looks amazing," another added.

"It looks absolutely amazing. Excellent vision and skills. You will treasure the memories of working with your dad to create this amazing space," a third said.

Home bar and party room from different angles, showing wooden and metal panels, wine barrels and a wide shot of the room.
Little things like the wine barrel tables, dart board and liquor bottle lighting help create the atmosphere. Photo: Supplied

Farewell to ugly storeroom

"It started as an ugly storeroom under my house," Tracey told Yahoo Lifestyle.

The Dandenongs resident did not have a lot of money but had some great ideas, which her dad helped her achieve.

"I just love the old rustic and country look," she said

"I'd seen the odd wall and room done with wood and tin, and when my neighbour said we were getting a new fence, I asked if I could have the old fence.

"My dad and I started renovating and it went from there.

"We ripped the old carpet up and put down carpet tiles, plastered the walls, tiled the concrete entrance and gave the sink cupboards a coat of white paint.

"We were originally only doing one wall, then ended up doing 3 walls and made the island bench.

"So, from what started out as just an image in my head, we went from there."

Tracey is yet to christen the new room.

"I haven't used it as yet, but I'm having a small party with some friends and family in a few weeks for my birthday," she said.

Tracey was stunned by the reaction.

"The feedback was awesome," she said.

"I didn't expect it; I just put some photos up to show what can be done on a budget and scrap."

The inside running

Tracey has advice for others who want to renovate and save money.

  1. "Just do what you can, as you can afford it; all my house renovations and projects have been done little bit, by little bit, when I had a few spare dollars."

  2. "Don't put yourself in debt. My party room has taken about a year in the making as I could afford it."

  3. "Look at second-hand stores and discount retailers. All the mirrors, blackboard, photo display etc were all made out of pailings and artificial flowers bought from junk shops and Kmart."

Tracey's done a fabulous job and her birthday is sure to be one hell of a party in her new room!

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