Mum's insane couch transformation goes viral: 'Looks brand new'

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A mum has shared her amazing couch cleaning hack after giving it a try in the hope it would save her having to buy a new one.

The woman said that like many people at the moment, she and her husband are watching their money and “honestly couldn’t afford a new couch”, so decided to have a go at cleaning their 15 year old cream leather couch themselves.

White leather sofa in a tropical style room
One woman's leather couch transformation has gone viral. Photo: Getty Images

"We were scrubbing with hot soapy (dish wash liquid) but the dirt wasn’t moving,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Then, her husband had a genius plan after he “took pity” on her cleaning and scrubbing it for hours with no luck and suggested she try the $7.50 Fairy Dishwashing Spray.

“He thought maybe because it dissolves grease that it was worth a try! Hubbie to the rescue,” she said.

“So instead we sprayed the fairy liberally all over the wet seat and then wiped off. The dirt came straight off, hardly any scrubbing needed.”

After posting the results of her clean to Facebook, she got over 7,000 likes and over 1,000 comments from people who couldn’t believe the transformation.


Fairy Dishwashing Spray on white couch
She used Fairy Dishwashing Spray for the transformation. Photo: Supplied

“OMG Fairy Easy spray is the bomb!!!! Ladies I literally sprayed on, then scrubbed with a green scourer. Wiped off with hot soapy water and a microfibre cloth. Very old (15 years) Leather lounger,” she said.

“One of the best things out of 2020,” one woman replied, with another saying: “I even use it to clean my oven. Love Fairy.”

“Yep, I'd have to agree. I was sceptical to start with but thought I'd give it a go. Wow! I use it sparingly as it is a little expensive but yes, it does work well,” another person wrote.

Others said: “Omg!! Transformation much?? Good on you” and “It looks like it's brand new again.”

The woman told Yahoo Lifestyle she is “very shocked” by the reaction to the post and hopes that by sharing her tip she has helped someone else out.

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