'Genius' packing trick using $8 Kmart buy a huge hit

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We all love and need a holiday, but it goes without saying that for most of us the process of packing, unpacking, driving and supplying can come with lots of stress and quite often a mistake or two.

When it comes to camping, the problem becomes even bigger, you’d better hope you remember your essentials or you’ll be staring down five days of abject misery.

Kmart sign $8 camping packing coffee hack
An $8 Kmart item is solving a common packing dilemma. Photo: Getty Images

One of those essentials is, of course, coffee, which for many would be an absolute nightmare to go without for any period of time, and now one mum has struck upon a genius way to make sure you never forget your caffeine essentials again.

Using an $8 Kmart lunchbox, the enterprising organiser created a one-stop cuppa shop, neatly backing six kinds of teabags, instant coffee and sugar into different sections.

The deceivingly simple idea means rather than pack nine different containers for each item, it’s ready to go with minimal fuss, and you’re not likely to forget any essential parts of your morning routine.

Lunchbox hack Kmart $8
The very simple, but very clever hack was a hit with online organisers. Photo: Facebook

Sharing the idea to a Facebook page, the mum explained she had struck upon the idea after she learned the pain of forgetting coffee or sugar the hard way.

“So sick of going camping and either forgetting the coffee or the sugar and having separate containers for each!” she wrote alongside the photo of the clever idea. “So this Kmart lunch box was perfect.”


Coffee hack goes viral

The photo has been an absolute hit with lovers of all thing Kmart and organisation, attracting almost 3,000 likes on Facebook, and prompting hundreds of comments.

“Great idea,” one lady wrote.

“This is perfect,” another said.

“I'm going to use that idea,” another promised. “Fantastic.”

“Next level genius,” one person dubbed the idea.

“That's the best camping hack yet,” someone decided.

Some did see one fatal flaw in the hack, however, pointing out that while the collective packing meant nothing would be left behind, it also meant that should the container slip her mind, or hands, the whole operation would be lost.

“Just don’t drop it...sigh...no coffee OR sugar,” one clever cookie pointed out.

The hack is the latest in a string of brilliant ideas that have gone viral of late.

Earlier this week one mum set social media alight with an almost frustratingly clever way of removing stickers from walls without taking the paint with you or leaving any sticker behind.

Belinda Gibson took to a Facebook hacks and decor group with a jaw-dropping trick that uses Kmart’s $35 handheld garment steamer to steam off stubborn stickers.

A video of the trick in action proved an absolute winner causing quite a stir online.

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