Unlikely $35 Kmart buy behind the 'perfect' cleaning hack

Penny Burfitt
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A $35 buy from Kmart could be the next must-have item for home improvement and DIY enthusiasts after it was used in a jaw-dropping hack that onlookers called ‘perfect’.

Anyone who has rented or rented out a home knows how frustrating removing stickers from walls can be, and how easily the removal of one tiny sticker can go haywire and peel a huge chunk of paint from a wall, no matter how gingerly you try and remove it from its reluctant home.

Kmart image of store
A $35 Kmart buy is behind an incredible new hack that could save your paint job! Photo: Supplied/ Belinda Gibson

In a game-changing twist however, one woman has shared a way to remove anything sticky from your walls without risking a serious mishap, and it will only set you back $35.

Belinda Gibson took to a Facebook hacks and decor group with a jaw-dropping trick that uses Kmart’s $35 handheld garment steamer to remove stickers from walls, and they had been there for at least seven years.

The satisfying video of the sticker removal caused quite a stir on the social media platform this week, but Belinda says she’s been using the trick for years.

“5 years ago we renovated our current home and wallpaper needed to be removed from the bedrooms; I googled how to remove wallpaper and steaming gave the best results,” Belinda tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Kmart steamer hack removes stickers
The video shows the stickers cleanly peeled off the walls with the help of the steamer. Photo: Supplied/ Belinda Gibson

“You can hire a machine from Bunnings but at the time I had a different clothes steamer - it worked a treat.”


This time around, she opted for the handheld option from Kmart, after her tenants at an investment property who wanted to remove stickers that had clung to the walls for years.

“When this little project came up I knew I had to get another steamer,” Belinda says. “I googled clothes steamers and was surprised you could buy a small handheld device. The water chamber is only small but after a few refills, our task was complete!”

Kmart clothes steamer
Belinda opted for the portable Kmart steamer for her latest go at the game-changing hack. Photo: Supplied/ Belinda Gibson

The insane hack unsurprisingly was a hit with fellow hack and decor enthusiasts, who were astounded at the easy, and cost-effective solution to such a pervasive problem.

“Perfect!” one person wrote.

“Now that is a genuine hack!” another admired.

Another called it ‘clever’ while another wrote: “What a great idea”.

One woman who owned the same device called it an ‘all-rounder’, reporting it works effectively on clothes and can even replace a hair straightener!

“I’m going to add it to my shopping list next time I venture to Kmart,” a lady replied, and honestly, we all feel the same.

Looks like we all need to make a beeline for Kmart.

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