Mum repurposes $5 item for 'effortless' shower transformation

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Anyone who has ever had to stare down a solid build-up of shower grout armed with nothing but a scrubbing utensil knows that the back-breaking task is far from pleasant.

Between the confrontation of the filth in which you have been washing yourself, and the near-impossible task of removing it most of us want to stay as far away from cleaning the shower as possible.

Image of toilet gel covering shower tiles (left) and image of clean shower (right)
A woman's transformation of her shower has onlookers gobsmacked. Photo: Facebook

Well, thanks to one clever mum’s trick it looks like the days of up close and personal shower cleaning are drawing to a close, and you won’t need anything but a budget everyday item and a little time to spare.

Shared to a Facebook cleaning page, a video demonstrating the latest trick has caused quite the stir among cleaning enthusiasts.

Using a standard toilet gel cleaner, the hack calls for the shower tiles to be doused in the product and left to sit for a couple of hours.

Hand holds White King Toilet Gel Power Clean worth $4.60
The White King Toilet Gel will set the savvy shopper back just $4.60. Photo: Facebook

After soaking, a hot rinse off leaves the tiles looking as good as new.

The mum who shared the hack revealed she decided to give it a go after issues with her knees left her unable to crouch down and scrub her bathroom.

“I’ve been putting off cleaning the showers as I really struggle getting up and down due to bad knees,” she wrote.

“So I decided to try an old trick I was told about years ago, except this time I let the cleaner sit for about 2 hours. Instead of scrubbing right off and only rinsing with hot water, no scrubbing involved. This is the results.”

Image of shower covered in toilet gel
Doused in toilet cleaner, the shower is left to sit for two hours. Photo: Facebook

The second video shows the shower looking clean as a whistle.

“Just for the floor, that’s amazing,” she reflected in the second video.

Mums lose it over ‘effortless’ hack

Others were quick to praise the simple and easy trick, particularly for those who struggle with mobility.

“I always use this on grout. So effortless,” one woman wrote.

“I've been using the Harpic toilet cleaner on my tiles and grout for years.. love it!!” another agreed.

“Always works a treat,” another promised.

Some did warn against using a bright-blue version of the cleaner, as they said old grout could latch onto the colour leaving your shower clean, but colourful.

“Just be careful not to use the super blue coloured ones especially if you have older grout because the colour can get stuck in there,” one mum warned.

The latest hack joins plenty of others shared by mums to social media of late, many using dirt-cheap product for dirt-free results.

Earlier this year a mum left onlookers gobsmacked when she used $6 denture cleaner to clean her kitchen floors with incredible results.

Similarly, a trick using a 40 cent dishwashing tablet to clean stubborn and greasy ovens went viral last months thanks to the unrecognisable transformations shared online.

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