'Incredible' 40c cleaning hack transforms filthy household items

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Any cleaning addict worth their salt knows that the quest to uncover a cheap, easy and effective cleaning item can seem never-ending and futile, but a group of savvy mums may have cracked the cleaning code once and for all.

A brand new and highly effective hack has popped up online and it could very well be the holy trinity of cleaning tricks, using an everyday item, setting you back approximately 40 cents and doing a jaw-dropping job of leaving items sparkling clean.

Finish dishwashing tablet sits on dirty oven door
A simple trick using a dishwashing tablet is taking cleaning communities by storm. Photo: Supplied

The trick is designed to leave grimy glass such as shower screens and oven doors clean as a whistle without leaving streaks, stains or soapy residue.

All you’ll need is a dishwashing tablet.

Yep, one little tablet that will cost on average between 40 and 60 cents apiece will leave your glass spotless, and these ladies have the photos to prove it.

Hack leaves ovens clean as a whistle

Rubber glove hand dips dishwashing tablet into water (left) scrubs tablet directly on oven door (right)
A dip and scrub was all that was needed to leave the oven sparkling clean. Photo: Supplied

Initially, many used the trick to leave their ovens sparkling clean.

One mum uploaded a detailed step by step of her dishwashing tablet hack process, to the astonishment of others.

She dipped the tablet into water and, wearing rubber gloves, scrubbed it directly over the glass, wetting it again at intervals.

Adding dishwashing liquid towards the end, she scrubbed the dirty door with paper towels, and a final wipe over left the glass unrecognisable.

Oven door covered in grime and dirt (left) and clear and clean 9right) using tablet dishwashing cleaning method
The oven results stunned other cleaning fans. Photo: Supplied

Fellow cleaning fanatics were gobsmacked by her efforts and didn’t shy from telling her so.

One described it as ‘amazing’, while others shared they would be executing the simple hack at home.

“I'm going to do this,” one wrote. “How clever.”

Shower screens left sparkling clean

Another woman shared jaw-dropping before and after photos proving the hack works just as well, if not better, on shower screen soap scum.

A mum's stunning shower results proved the trick goes beyond ovens. Photo: Facebook
A mum's stunning shower results proved the trick goes beyond ovens. Photo: Facebook

“I put the tablet in a dish with warm water then crumbled it,” the mum wrote. “Used a dishcloth to rub down rinsed off and clean over with a microfiber cloth.”

“So easy and I love the results.”

She wasn’t the only one in love. Hundreds of other cleaning enthusiasts heaped her hack with praise, flooding the post’s comments.

“I need to try this,” one mum wrote.

“Good hack!!!” another agreed.

Others revealed they dissolved the tablets in water and used spray bottles to clean, while other swore by dampening the tablet and simply rubbing it directly onto the dirty area.

Dozens swear by dishwashing tablet

The hack first kicked off something of a revolution online last year, with dozens flocking to share their own results from the simple and cost-effective cleaning method.

One shared an amazing transformation on her shower screen, giving the trick a stellar review.

Photo shows shower screen with soap scrum removed with dishwashing tablet cleaning trick
Stunning photos show the effects of the clever trick. Photo: Facebook

“A+ from me,” she wrote.

Another shared a hot tip that the cheaper tablets work just as well as their expensive counterparts, with matching photos to prove her point.

“I’m not going back to the expensive dishwasher tabs, these ones do the same job for half the price,” she wrote.

“40c for 2 tabs 65c for the gloves and a sparkling clean oven.”

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