Aussie mum's genius $6 cleaning hack

Bianca Soldani

For many of us, cleaning is a joyless but necessary chore – that is, until you stumble across something with such shock-value, you can’t look away.

Aussie mum Jade shared one of those moments after she tried using Polident – the $6 denture cleaning product – on her tiled floor.

She got the idea from a private Facebook cleaning group, and the results are undeniably impressive.

“Once I joined the group ‘Mum’s Who Clean’, I noticed that everyone was raving about Polident so I decided to give it a go on my floors to see if it would get rid of the dirt that seemed to be stuck in the porous tiles,” Jade tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Jade normally mops her floors and had no idea there was so much dirt hidden in her porous tiles. Photo: Facebook

“I was so surprised by the result honestly, the stark contrast between the two is crazy, and now I’ve got the job ahead to finish the whole house!”

Jade, who rents her family home, used to regularly mop her floors and had no idea her tiles had absorbed so much dirt. This time, she vacuumed first, then made up a bucket with 5L of water and three Polident tablets.

“I filled a spray bottle for the grout, sprayed and soaked the tiles then scrubbed away,” she explains. “I then mopped with sugar soap and went over with a steam mop to get remainder of grime away.”

The hack comes after a $49 mop from Bunnings went viral as a cult buy, with hundreds of happy shoppers heaping praise on the product.

One woman shared how this mop’s design make the chore less intimidating and easier to tackle. Photo: Facebook

Some even labelled the SABCO SuperSwish Spray Mop as ‘life-changing’, as instead of needing a traditional bucket, users squirt out cleaning product with a trigger-controlled spray.

“It was easy to get into tight spots and under furniture, light work and I might even say enjoyable. Why didn’t I buy this years ago?” she asked.

“I have tried everything over the last four years to get my floor to look clean let alone shiny! I am in love.”

Another person praised the more traditional $50 Spinning Mop from Woolworths, telling Yahoo Lifestyle it’s, “Great for a large home”.

“Place the mop in and the spinner squeezes the water so tight it doesn’t give your floor a streaky mark,” she explains. “The handle is adjustable to avoid bad backs and it cuts your mopping time in half.”

“Ladies gift your husband/partner one for Father’s Day!”

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