Mum claims $19 Kmart hair straightener is 'the best thing she's ever used'

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One mum has found a solution to unruly, frizzy hair - and it costs just $19. Photo: Walt Disney Pictures.

One savvy Aussie mum has managed to find the beauty equivalent of a needle in a haystack: a hair straightening brush that actually does what it says on the box.

One woman was so thrilled with her new Kmart purchase that she took to Facebook to share a glowing review of her “new favourite toy.”

“I love that it doesn’t dry my already thick, frizzy and unmanageable hair out,” she raved to Yahoo lifestyle Australia.

The best part? It costs just $19.

“Best $19 I’ve spent in a while!” she said.

Despite it’s tiny price tag, she reckons that the Kmart device can go toe-to-toe with far pricier alternatives.

“I didn’t lose all the volume from my hair, like my GHD does and it doesn’t dry it out either,” she wrote on Facebook.

Jackie shared her find on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/jackie.tunsted
Jackie shared her find on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/jackie.tunsted

According to the Kmart website, the cheap and cheerful styling tool heats up to 230 degrees in just five minutes and has a swish LED display.

On the Facebook post, the mum warned that it did take a bit of time to figure out how it works best but she soon got the knack and can now transform her locks from unruly to unreal in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Her tip? Have the bristles angled away from the face, brushing from underneath the hair and away from the scalp.

A photo comparison of a woman's hair before and after using a $19 Kmart hair straightening brush.
Jackie shows off the results of the $19 Kmart hair straightening brush. Photo: Facebook/jackie.tunsted.

One woman, who also has one of the brushes, piped up in the comments with her own piece of advice.

“Buy some heat proof gloves for just a few dollars on eBay - helps to get more control when styling the ends without burning yourself.”

Others couldn’t wait to snap one up, with one commenter saying, “Cool, I’m buying!,” and another, “I’m going to try this before buying the $200 ghd one!”

See you in Kmart, everyone!

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