The heat hairstyling myth we've all been made to believe

Olivia Morris
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We’ve all be told time and time again, don’t use too much heat on your hair if you want it to be healthy.

Hands up if you’ve ignored that advice on many, many occasions? Yup, us too.

But what if we told you that it is a myth we’ve all been made to believe?

Yup, we’re telling you it is a myth we’ve all been made to believe… sort of.

GHD’s Vice President of Smart Devices, Dr. Tim Moore, straightened things out (pun intended) at the global launch of the ghd’s new platinum+ straightener.

He confirmed you can “absolutely” heat style your hair every single day without damaging it, but there’s one catch.

“So long as you’re under the 185 degree threshold,” he said.

Using science – Dr. Moore’s area of expertise – he explained 185 degrees centigrade is the optimum temperature for heat styling your hair.

He showed an example of hair being clamped with a straightener at the optimum temperature, compared with hair being clamped with a straightener at 230 degrees centigrade. (Side note: You shouldn’t normally clamp your hair, but you know for science you gotta do what you gotta do.)

Um, WOW. Source: ghd

Let us tell you, the hair styled at 230 degrees centigrade was cooked, and the hair styled at 185 degrees was totally fine.

So, let us reiterate – if you want to style your hair with heat every day, you can with no worries in the world, just make sure it’s at 185 degrees and you good to go.

If you’re really into the getting the optimum straight and sleek look you may want to try out the new ghd platinum+.

The ghd platinum+ is apparently the “world’s first smart straightener”. Source: Supplied

It is, according to ghd, the “world’s first smart straightener”.

Say what now? Well, with new technology it’s meant to be able to recognise how thick your hair is,  the thickness of your hair and the speed you’re styling at and it “adjusts the power accordingly”.

And if you’ve got a bit of a horse’s mane like some of us, this is the literal dream. Oh it casually heats up in 20 seconds.

ghd’s platinum+ is available from September for $340.

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