I discovered how I can tame my Mufasa-like mane in five minutes

Anyone else <em>never</em> have time to style their hair in the morning? Source: Supplied
Anyone else never have time to style their hair in the morning? Source: Supplied

We’ve experience that moment of dread, when the deafening sound of your alarm wakes you up in the morning.

You then are forced to make a vital choice – do you get up to have a reasonable amount of time to make yourself look half-decent for work, or hit snooze 50 million times?

For me, it’s the latter – I’m a serial snooze hitter, and it means every single morning I’m in a panic-induced rush to make sure I get out the door on time for my bus.

During this panic-induced rush I just about have time to shower, slap on a teeny tiny bit of makeup, brush my teeth and dress myself in something semi-presentable.

When it comes to my Mufasa-like mane, however, it’s always just chucked up in either a ponytail or a high bun, because I just can’t deal with having to style it at 6am, nor do I physically have the time.

To get my hair decently straight, it takes me a good 20 minutes and that’s with the gods of all straighteners – my beloved ghds.

So, when I heard they were jumping on the heated brush trend launching the ghd glide, and saw claims flying about that it could tame your hair in five minutes I knew I had to try it out.

Having never tried out a heated straightening brush before, it only made sense to try more than one. My second choice of hair styling weapon was the Dafni Allure.

Both brushes claim to do pretty similar things.

The ghd glide claims to “tame and smooth dry hair quickly and effortlessly” and heats up to an “optimum styling temperature of 185ºC”.

It currently retails for $210.

The ghd glide. Source: Supplied
The ghd glide. Source: Supplied

Meanwhile the Dafni Allure – which runs at the same temperature as the ghd glide – has pegged itself as the “first ever cordless straightening brush”, which is mighty convenient when you’re wanting to multitask around the house.

It also claims when the straightening brush is fully charged it has a 30 minute usage time “which equates to straightening three average heads of hair in one full charge”.

It currently retails for $199.

The Dafni Allure. Source: Supplied
The Dafni Allure. Source: Supplied

Putting them both to the test with my unkempt, totally matted and unbrushed hair, both tools gave a pretty good result after just five minutes of use.

Here’s the results from the Allure brush:

Allure results. Source: Supplied
Allure results. Source: Supplied

And then the ghd glide:

ghd results. Source: Supplied
ghd results. Source: Supplied

While the Allure certainly wins in the convenience department – you could literally dance about whilst straightening your hair – for me, the winner has to be the ghd glide as it made my hair look smoother and more sleek in a shorter amount of time.

And what does time-saving equal? More sleep. Win, win, win.

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