Mum, 48, sparks outrage with G-string bikini: 'Dress your age'

A mum has been trolled on social media for wearing a revealing G-string bikini and ‘not dressing her age’.

Rose Cordeiro, 48, is a mother of four who loves to show off her incredible body in ‘sexy’ dance videos.

A mum has caused outrage after wearing some extremely skimpy outfits. Photo: Instagram/crzy_fitmamaof4
A mum has caused outrage after wearing some extremely skimpy outfits. Photo: Instagram/crzy_fitmamaof4

The US beauty often wears thong bikinis, daring dresses and crop tops, but her provocative videos have been slammed on social media.

The TikToker has been told she's too old to show this much skin, with many people hitting out at the star for her 'attention-seeking' behaviour.

“It all screams, ‘please look at me, my husband isn’t!’,” one person commented on TikTok.

“You warming up to dance at [a] strip club? You’re beautiful and leave nothing to [the] imagination,” another added.

“Wow, how old are you? Still haven’t grown up yet,” a third remarked.


Rose boasts over 54k TikTok followers with an additional 20k followers on Instagram.

Recently, she told The Sun that nasty comments calling her an ‘attention seeker’ and a ‘grandma’ don’t bother her at all.

“I get those comments from ‘Karens’,” she told the publication. “But I think you should dress the way you feel like dressing. I feel good in the clothes I wear.

“It wouldn’t be me to dress the way society thinks a 48-year-old woman should dress. That wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be comfortable in it. Dressing the way you want shouldn’t be determined by your age.”

Rose adds that when she goes out with her 25-year-old daughter, she is often mistaken for being her sister or a friend.

L: Rose Cordeiro in a G-string bikini on all fours. R: Rose Cordeiro showing off her behind in a G-string bikini.
The star loves showing off her figure in a tiny bikini. Photo: TikTok/crzy_fitmama4

Although she does get some harsh words thrown at her on social media, Rose has a slew of fans who leave positive comments.

Most revolve around how much younger she looks, with many jealous of her toned figure.

“If you hadn’t said your age, I would never have guessed your age. Looking 20’s,” one comment reads.

“That’s what I’m talking about, you put those youngsters to shame,” another added.

“It amazes me how many people can be jealous of others for being themselves and having fun. My wife is exactly like you in that she’s Filipina and stays in fantastic shape…keep being yourself, you’re awesome,” a third chimed in.

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