'World's sexiest gran' shocks in tiny bikini during workout: 'Gorgeous'

The self-described ‘world’s sexiest granny’ has shocked her followers after working out in nothing but a tiny bikini.

Andréa Sunshine might be 53, but that doesn’t stop her from flaunting her ‘inspiring’ physique.

L: Andrea Sunshine working out in a string bikini. R: Andrea Sunshine in yellow bikini on a boat
The 'sexy granny' completed a gruelling workout in just a skimpy bikini. Photo: Instagram/andrea__sunshinee

The influencer shared a video on Instagram which showed her ‘incredible’ six-pack in full view before showing off her behind in a skimpy string bikini.

However, she admitted that she 'broke gym protocol' by wearing such a revealing outfit.


“Today I broke all the protocols at [the] gym, I wanted [to] do something irreverent, unusual, unexpected,” she wrote in the caption.

“So I did and I loved the way I felt, [a] free spirit. I love what I see, this sexy Granny worth a million for all the qualities she does have.

“But the most important ones, [are] courage, authenticity and audacity. What about you, [have] you ever thought about [working out] at [the] gym [in] your bikini?” she asked.

The fitness star started lifting weights when she was just 15 and says she is ‘committed’ to working out.

Two photos of Andrea Sunshine working out in a skimpy bikini
The influencer wowed fans with her incredible six-pack. Photo: Instagram/andrea__sunshinee

Andréa quickly racked up comments from fans, with one even wanting to collaborate with her on OnlyFans.

“Simply gorgeous!!! My great inspiration and admiration,” a follower wrote.

“Wow! So inspiring hun!” another added.

“Your six-pack is awesome!!!” a third chimed in.

The OnlyFans creator is especially proud of her bottom, and keeps her skin cellulite free by getting regular massages.

She regularly shares videos of the procedure which involves being rubbed by a massage therapist while lying in a tiny thong bikini.

L: Andrea Sunshine getting a massage. R: Andrea Sunshine Posing in a bikini at the gym
The grandmother is in the running to become 'Miss Bumbum UK'. Photo: Instagram/andrea__sunshinee

In one caption, she explained that she takes great care of her body with ‘daily exercise’.

“Today was the massage day by my incredible masseur and lovely friend,” she wrote. “She’s taking good care of my firm skin which [has] ZERO cellulite whatsoever.

“I treat my body [well], I exercise daily, I am the exercise star. What about you?” she asked.

Andréa is currently in the running to win Miss Bumbum UK, a spinoff from the annual Brazilian beauty pageant that started in 2011.

This is the first edition of the UK contest and the ten contestants will be judged through ‘likes’ on social media.

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