Mother-in-law slammed over 'creepy' wedding outfit choice

There are a number of unwritten rules when it comes to wedding guest outfits, like not wear white or upstage the bride.

But a mother-in-law has come under fire after she went as far as wearing a wedding dress on her son's big day.

A bride posted a throwback photo from her wedding on Reddit, showing both she and her mother-in-law posing on either side of the groom in their gowns.

"I really wanted to be the bride," the woman wrote before revealing she was now divorced.

In a second photo, the mother-in-law could be seen posing alone with her son, with some suggesting she could have been mistaken for the bride.

A mother-in-law is seen wearing a wedding dress to her son's wedding.
The mother-in-law was slammed for wearing a wedding dress on his son's big day. Source: Reddit

"Without the bouquet, I would not know who was the bride," one said.

"So creepy! I’d be interested in how it all ended but I guess his mum dressing up as the bride at her son's wedding was not a good start," another commented.

"Did she show up in the same dress as you?! It’s so similar! That must have been really upsetting at the time," a third added.

The bride however had a theory as to why the mother-in-law may have made the controversial choice.


"Honestly, my ex-husband is a really great guy and we were married 15 plus years and had three children. Luckily we are still good friends," she said.

"He was always so embarrassed by his mum but really close with his dad, who sadly died a few years before we got married. A psychiatrist might say that as a lonely older widow, she was re-living her wedding and replacing her deceased husband with her son. Not only was my ex named after his dad, but apparently looked a LOT like him as well.

"Of course 35 years ago I was just straight-up pissed, but age and wisdom have taught me that her wearing that dress was less about me and all about her sad life."

Bride tricks friend into wearing white to wedding

The latest post comes after a woman who helped her friend organise her wedding revealed the bride tricked her into wearing white.

A month before the wedding, 20-year-old Charlotte asked the bride what dress she should wear, so that she wouldn’t ruin the ‘vision’ of her special day.

“She asked if I would actually pull out all my dresses, so I did. She ended up narrowing it down to one of my picks, along with a dress I had put firmly in the ‘no’ pile for being white. It was a wedding after all,” she explained on Reddit.

Groom carries wife on wedding day.
The bride tricked her friend into wearing white to her wedding as a friendship test. Source: Getty

Charlotte told the guest that she liked the white dress, and even picked out matching white and pink heels for her to wear on the day.

“I [asked] Charlotte more than once asking if she was sure, and she insisted I wear the white dress. She said I would look lovely and she wanted me to look my best for her wedding because she wanted very nice pictures and videos. I would not have worn this dress if she had not assured me multiple times that it was what SHE wanted,” she adds.

When she arrived for Charlotte’s wedding in a white dress, she says that people were giving her ‘weird looks’, but nobody confronted her.

“When Charlotte comes out of her dressing room for some last-minute pictures, she looks shocked to see me, and then she starts turning red. She pulls me aside and starts going off on me immediately about wearing the dress to her wedding. I’m stunned,” she continues.

People were quick to leap to the wedding guest’s defence, saying that the bride was firmly in the wrong.

“She tested whether or not she was your friend, and guess what? She’s not! Your friend lied to your face and embarrassed you in public just to see if she could,” wrote one person.

“This wasn’t a ‘friendship test’, this was Charlotte using her wedding as a means to publicly bully and humiliate [the guest],” another added.

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