Woman breaks unspoken wedding attire rule: 'Tacky and disrespectful'

A photo of a guest wearing a bridal gown to a wedding has gone viral, shocking thousands of social media users.

It would be easy to mistake the guest for the bride, as she is pictured wearing a floor-length white lace gown with an elaborate train. The simple caption reads: “She was ***NOT*** the bride.”

A bride and groom at their wedding, with confetti flying in the air
A wedding guest has been blasted for wearing a bridal gown. Photo: Getty

The guest was slammed on the popular forum website Reddit for breaking the ‘unspoken’ rule that only a bride can wear white on their big day. Many of the comments revolved around how ‘disrespectful’ and ‘tacky’ the guest was for turning up in a bridal gown.


“Who are these people that don’t know about the ‘don’t wear white’ rule?” one asked.

“Wearing a wedding dress to a wedding. Or anything that can be wedding dress like is a bad idea of course,” another added.

“Damn, she wore a whole wedding dress. It’s tacky and disrespectful enough to wear white but a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding? Nah, I would have kicked her out the moment I saw her,” a person chimed in.

The wedding guest wearing a lace detailed floor length white gown, holding a sparkly clutch bag, her face is covered with a red dot
The controversial guest turned up to a wedding in a bridal gown. Photo: Reddit/f**ckyoukaren

It’s not unusual for a bitter in-law or jealous friend to wear white to a wedding to try and ruin the event, and many were quick to jump to this conclusion.

“My husband’s mother wore black to our wedding because she doesn’t like me. Not nearly as egregious…but there’s something about grooms’ mothers,” one recalled.

“I’ve noticed a trend that it’s almost always the mother-in-law (groom’s mum) that does sh*t like this to sh*t on her soon to be daughter-in-law,” said another.

One person noted that the same thing happened to her, and wrote: “I’m so sorry, my mother-in-law wore a white wedding dress to my wedding too. We don’t like each other. Playing dumb is not cute at any age.”

Others came up with a handy way to solve the issue, by using red wine in a creative way.

“I would’ve walked straight over to her and thrown 2 glasses of red wine right over the dress,” one quipped.

“It’s time like this that at least one person should walk around with red wine,” another hinted.

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