The Real Housewives of Melbourne: Meet the new stars of the show

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As season five of The Real Housewives of Melbourne prepares to start, you may have noticed that there are a few new faces in the mix. 

The show has said goodbye to Lydia Schiavello, Gina Liano, Venus Behbahani-Clark and Sally Bloomfield from season four and are introducing four new wives.

Janet, Jackie and Gamble from The Real Housewives of Melbourne
The old guard - Janet, Jackie and Gamble - on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Instagram/@rhomelbourne

Jackie Gillies, who is pregnant with twins, Janet Roach and Gamble Breaux are all returning so will ease the new wives into the life in front of the cameras but these are no newcomers when it comes to living and loving the high life in Melbourne.


So just who are the four new ladies joining the show?

Kyla Kirkpatrick from Brighton

Kyla Kirkpatrick's Instagram photos
Champagne connoisseur Kyla Kirkpatrick joins The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Photo: Instagram/@thechampagnedame

Kyla, 43, is a champagne aficionado and goes by The Champagne Dame on Instagram. The event organiser turned her back on her career in finance to go to France and learn all about the expensive bubbly. 

"[Paris] is where my incredible new journey began – a charmed life of delicious champagne, grand soirees, Saudi Arabian princes and luxury travel," she reveals on her website.

She is mum to seven-year-old Arlington-Rose and while she was due to marry her partner Kyri in 2020, the two put their wedding on hold, so that's sure to be part of the drama as the show begins.

But she is certainly looking forward to joining the group of ladies who lunch on TV. "I came from nothing and to achieve the success I have has meant a lot of hard work and long hours, but I always let my true personality shine through, and I'm proud of who I am in this group," she says.

Well, she'll certainly know how to throw a party or two. "I host the most decadent champagne experiences, combining history, gastronomy and enology," she says on her site.

Simone Elliott from Toorak

Simone Elliott's Instagram photos
Simone Elliott shows she's no dumb blonde on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Photo: Instagram/@simoneelliott_official

She might look like the archetypal blonde but discount this single mum of two at your peril. The 42-year-old from Toorak is a high powered businesswoman. She was the National Business Manager for food company SPC and also studied for an MBA all while looking after daughter Helena, 10, and son Spencer, nine. 

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a Real Housewife," she wrote on Instagram when her addition to show was announced. "Today I met an incredible, unique and strong group of women who together are going to create a fabulous season you cannot miss, stay tuned for all the drama."

Now that she is ready for something different in her life than all work and no play.

"I plan everything in my life down to the last detail, but being a part of this group of women meant I couldn't control any of it!," she says. "I took everyone at face value when I met them, unless they gave me a reason not to!"

And despite her beauty, she knows what really counts. "You know what’s more attractive than being a hot 10/10?" she said on her social media account. "Confidence, Humility, Witty sense of humour, Hunger for adventure, Smart arse comebacks, Being present."

Cherry Dipietrantonio from Brighton

Cherry Dipietrantonio's Instagram photos
What will chilled yoga instructor Cherry Dipietrantonio be like on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Photo: Instagram/@cherrydipietrantonio

Originally from the UK, Cherry, 40, came to Australia after meeting her Aussie husband Andre in Bali in 1999. While she originally wanted to become an actress, the mum of three put that on hold and instead trained as a yoga instructor and personal trainer.

While she may be new to the show, she has known a few of the housewives for a while. 

"I've probably known Kyla for about five years," Cherry told the Geelong Advertiser. "I'd met Anjali and Simone and then there's Janet, who knows my mother-in-law and husband."

But while she's pretty chilled since she practises mindfulness and yoga, she is certainly no pushover.

"I went into this experience with my eyes wide open and I knew it would be an absolute challenge to connect with all these different women, and it was!," she says.

"Sometimes in the extreme moments, you just have to stand up for yourself - and try to enjoy the craziness."

"My thinking is… if you compete with others you become bitter, if you compete with yourself you become better. Who’s with me?," she wrote on an Instagram post. "Life is a journey, not a competition"

Anjali Rao from South Yarra

Anjali Rao's Instagram photos
News anchor Anjali Rao joins The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Photo: Instagram/@the_real_anjali_rao

What's a global news anchor who has worked for the likes of CNN, Sky News and Channel 5 in the UK and SBS and who has interviewed such luminaries as Bill Clinton, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Dalai Lama and Jay-Z doing on RHOMelbourne?  

After going through a divorce and moving back to Australia, the mum-of-one to son Izzy, 47, is keen to diversify her media career and even launch a career as a singer. 

"I love to dive deep in life and find out about people, so this was a real chance to do just that," Anjali explains. "After all, I've spent my career debating issues with some of the world's most powerful leaders, so I think I can handle anything and anyone that comes my way - whatever they think."

But despite the fact that it's a TV show, she is keen to build real friendships and deep relationships.

"Making genuine friendships with substance and depth is what I am all about in my life now," she says.

There is one famous ex that may make us tune in for what she has to say about him - former Manpower Australia performer and TV gardener Jamie Durie.

But it's her witty one-liners you really should watch out for - they are worth her being on the show alone!

Real Housewives of Melbourne begins Sunday 10th October at 8.30pm on FOX ARENA

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