Love Island Australia: Meet the 2021 contestants

Love Island Australia is about to kick off for another year and we've got the drop on the first four contestants entering the luxe $3.5 million Byron Bay villa.

The fun and flirty singles are hoping to not only find love but also a chance at winning their share in $50,000 prize money and, of course, a hefty slice of reality TV fame.

Here are the first hot 20-somethings heading into the villa...

Jessica Velkovski, 23

Three images of 2021 Love Island contestant Jess Velkovski
Love Island contestant Jess Velkovski knows she's 'A-grade' and is looking for her match. Photo: Instagram/@jessvelkovski (Instagram/@jessvelkovski)

From the beachside suburb of Cronulla in Sydney, Jess is confident and forthright but she also knows that this can rub people the wrong way.

"I feel like when I walk into a room I am the brightest light in the room and I don't even try. A lot of people don't like that," she says. "I can't dim my light and I feel like in the past I've had to dim my light."

Jess is looking for a man who is not too shy to approach her and so the boys at the villa had better be ready to show her what they've got.

"I know that I'm A-grade and I'm looking for someone that can match me," Jess says. "I'm not a prize to be won," she adds. "Once you've got me you need to keep putting that effort in, otherwise you won't keep me."

Already nicknamed, 'The Intimidation', she is sure to ruffle some feathers in the villa during her stay.

"I’m not just beautiful, I’m powerful as well. I say what I want to say, and I do what I want to do."


Chris Graudins, 25

Three images of 2021 Love Island contestant Chris Graudins
Riot squad officer Chris Graudins is going into the Love Island villa. Photo: Instagram/@chrisgraudins (Instagram/@chrisgraudins)

Another confident contestant entering the villa is ex-army and now riot squad officer Chris.

"I do get a lot of attention when I head out, being good-looking is a curse," Chris says. "I'd rate myself out of 10. For looks, I'd go a nine out of 10. For personality, I'd go an easy 14. Easy," he adds.

But he also says that his looks can be a curse.

"Girls, they automatically put their guard up because they think I'm arrogant," he says. "I am already on the back foot and defend myself and tell them, I just want to have a conversation."

He's not afraid to have a bit of fun though judging by his hammed-up cleaning video on his Instagram account. But despite the bravado, the Gold Coast local is looking for love.

"I just want a girl who is loyal. I want to find a girl who has old-fashioned values as well," he reveals. "Definitely has to have a lot of banter, someone who can take the piss out of themselves and me. If they were funny that would be cool. If they are romantic that would be nice. I like all that cheesy stuff."

Rachael Evren, 21

Three images of Love Island 2021 contestant Rachael Evren
Love Island 2021 contestant Rachael Evren is already a social media influencer. Photo: Instagram/@rachael_evren (Instagram/@rachael_evren)

She might be from Glasvegas, the glitzy Gold Coast in Queensland, but Rachael thinks of herself as a hot geek.

The sci-fi and fantasy fan doesn't just like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel, she loves them. She even owns two lightsabers (though no word on whether she's packed them for her stay!) But one thing she isn't into is alpha males.

"I need someone who's kind of a little dorky like me. I'm not attracted to alpha males. I feel like I clash with them too much," she says.

"If you think you're too good for me you're not my type," she adds.

And while pilates instructor Rachael doesn't struggle to get male attention, she has not always chosen the best partners in the past, leading to a trust issue with men.

"I am an old soul and a nerd at heart. I love Lego, Star Wars movies, and I love going to bookstores. I’m not someone who sleeps around and goes to bars all the time," Rachael reveals.

But she's certainly not shy - with almost 30k followers on Insta and 320k on TikTok, she's happy to share her life with the public.

Taku Chimwaza, 24

Three images of 2021 Love Island contestant Taku Chimwaza
Love Island contestant Taku Chimwaza describes himself as a 'little too much' for some. Photo: Instagram/@taku.chimwaza (Instagram/@taku.chimwaza)

Originally from Zimbabwe, Taku came to Australia 10 years ago to play rugby and plays for Shoalhaven Rugby Club in NSW. He admits that he is a ball of energy and a real extrovert.

And while he hasn't been single for long, he's hoping to take some time out from thinking about his sporting career to concentrate on finding love.

"I've been chasing the footy around for years, and working in a café part-time for the past six years," he says. "I know I'm a lot, but I wouldn't mind someone who is close to my vibe and my energy."

He also has an unusual hobby. He collects fragrances and has a YouTube channel where he reviews them.

"I have about 180 fragrances at home," Taku says. "My dad always smelt good. I started to collect the fragrances in the first lockdown, and I got about 30 or 40, and someone said you should start your own YouTube channel."

Now Taku is headed to the villa to find someone when can really vibe with.

"I want all the smoke, if you know what I'm saying. I'm so out there... I'm a little too much, the energy wasn't being reciprocated like I wanted it to.

"For some reason, I end up with brunettes with curly hair," he adds. "I'm a confident guy, I bring the fun and the party. I can't wait."

Love Island season three premieres 8.45pm Monday, October 11 on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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