The Project's Carrie Bickmore and hosts burst into tears: 'Wild ride'

The Project hosts burst into tears on last night’s episode of the show, with Carrie Bickmore calling the show a ‘wild ride’.

The hosts struggled to keep their composure after a segment was aired with ‘good news’ showing 11-year-old Stevie and his best friend Eoin who have been separated due to Covid-19.

Carrie Bickmore on The Project
Carrie Bickmore burst into tears on The Project last night. Photo: Channel 10

Eoin moved across the country three years ago and because of Covid they haven't seen each other since 2019.

After a bad day of school, Stevie’s mum hatched a plan to reunite the pair, with Stevie bursting into floods of tears when he saw Eoin.


When the cameras cut back to the studio, the hosts were also in tears, with Rachel Corbett saying: “That’s so cute.”

Carrie Bickmore crying on The Project
Things got emotional on The Project desk. Photo: Channel 10
Rachel Corbett crying on The Project
Rachel Corbett was also in tears. Photo: Channel 10

Carrie Bickmore also welled up, looking over at her co-host Peter Helliar in shock that he had even got emotional.

“It’s even got you crying,” Carrie said pointing at Pete.

Waleed Aly was the one to break the mood on set, joking: “It’s alright guys, they started fighting after 10 minutes.”

“It’s been a wild ride this show tonight,” Carrie said, with Rachel saying: “Maybe we need to get the dancing back.”

 Peter Helliar on The Project
Peter Helliar was moved by the story. Photo: Channel 10

Rachel was referring to an earlier segment on the show, where Carrie was seen waving her hands in the air to music.

“I love the fun in the air..! You guys are great..!” one person commented on the clip on Instagram.

“What a funny night - it felt like a fun Friday for some reason,” another person said.

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