'Switching off forever': MasterChef fans slam 'ridiculous' twist

Sarah Carty
·Lifestyle Editor
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Last night’s nail-biting episode of MasterChef heralded the beginning of twist week for the contestants and it looks like we might have to buckle in for the ride.

Fans of the show were shocked when the judges stopped the chefs mid-cook during a team challenge to let them know they were going to be switching sides in the kitchen, leaving them to decipher the other team’s menu and make whatever changes they needed before service.

MasterChef contestants in black aprons
The pictured MasterChef contestants will battle it out in tonight's pressure challenge. Photo: Channel 10

After a scurry to the finish line, which saw both teams serve up some delicious dishes, the grey team’s chicken, mushroom and chestnut main let them down and sent them through to tonight’s pressure challenge.

And while many fans online loved the turn in events, some people said they would be furious if their favourites got eliminated off the back of a menu they didn’t even want to cook in the first place.

“I’m not sure I like this idea - or enjoying it. To be eliminated on someone else’s mistake (earlier in the process) will be really unfair. It might be a bit of fun in a team challenge - but not when your position on the show is in jeopardy,” one person wrote.

“Just let them cook. That challenge was totally unfair. They're trying to be too smart with their tricks & twists... could backfire,” another person said.

The grey team in the MasterChef kitchen
The grey team ended up losing the challenge. Photo: Channel 10

“Tonight’s episode is ridiculous! Poh’s team had a massive advantage over the others when they switched because Sarah’s team was already on with cooking/finished prep when Poh’s hadn’t done anything ! Definitely unfair as now it’s making Sarah’s team fall behind. And how can you judge a team on something other people have done ? Who came up with these ‘twists’ ??,” another person wrote.

Others were horrified that this might be the end of the road for their favourite chef on the show.

“If Reynold goes home tomorrow because of a freaking twist, I'm done,” one person said, while another commented saying: “If Reynold goes tomorrow during twist week on a dessert I’ll be switching off forever.”

While the twist certainly caused some controversy, other fans of the show absolutely loved it, with one person calling it ‘awesome’ and another saying they couldn’t wait to see what tonight’s twist is going to be.

Fans are also gearing up for singer Katy Perry’s highly-anticipated appearance on the show on Thursday night.

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