Real reason behind MasterChef star's shock elimination

Sarah Carty
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He was eliminated last night in a nail-biting MasterChef pressure cooking challenge and now Chris Badenoch has revealed the real reason he struggled with the challenge.

Chris found himself in the bottom four alongside Tracy Collins, Tessa Boersma and Ben Ungermann last night, where each of them were given the task of cooking a takeaway meal which was delivered to judge Melissa Leong at her home.

Chris Badenoch in a black hat on MasterChef
Chris Badenoch was eliminated from MasterChef last night. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking to 10 Daily, Chris said his heart sank when he found out what the challenge was because he never gets takeaway, preferring to cook himself instead.

'I do this weird thing at home: I cook! So I was like... "I'm f**ked,"' he said.

The chef settled on Saag Paneer with rice and flatbread, after struggling with thinking of a sidh to make.

"A lot of the kind of food I would cook wouldn't travel well sealed up in plastic, on a bike going god-knows where,” Chris said.

"I was really trying to figure out the best way I could come up with a dish that could stand up to the home delivery process.”

MasterChef contestants looking worried
Chris' dish failed to impress the judges last night. Photo: Channel 10

Unfortunately, Chris’ cooking failed to impress the judges and he was sent packing.

During week one of the Back To Win series, Chris found himself at the forefront of the controversy when he ended up on the receiving end of a tongue lashing from Gordon Ramsay.

The top chef cursed and gesticulated in the MasterChef kitchen after realising Chris’ team didn’t have enough portions of pork to serve the hungry diners.

However, Chris revealed that it was actually Gordon who had stuffed up and that’s the reason he took the whole thing in his stride.

Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef 2020
Gordon Ramsay gave Chris a tongue lashing over his roast pork. Photo: Channel 10

“He got the numbers wrong, that’s what I was laughing under my breath at,” he told

“He (Ramsay) didn’t write down a few tables that had gone out, plus there were eight portions sitting on the pass that he didn’t notice.”

When asked if Gordon ever noticed his mistake, Chris said: “He would never let you know if he did. That wouldn’t be cool.”

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