'They're next level': MasterChef star names winner

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

As MasterChef whittles down to the final players, a former contestant has lifted the lid on the inside pick for top spot.

The series saw Hayden Quinn sent home over some lacklustre beef roll ketchup on Sunday evening, leaving a diminishing lineup that shouldn’t shock any die-hard fan, and certainly hasn’t shocked an axed star who has named her top pick and final three, saying the choice seemed obvious.

MasterChef 2020 contestants including Poh Ling Yeow, Laura Sharrad and Reynold Poernomo who Courtney Roulston picks for top three. Photo: Ten

Former contestant Courtney Roulston tells Yahoo Lifestyle there is one contestant who seems a solid choice for the top spot.

“Who is the best cook overall in the competition, it has to be Reynold I feel,” she said while promoting her new partnership with Coles’ ‘Kitchen Garden Program at Home’.

Courtney says Reynold is 'clearly' the best chef in the competition. Photo: Ten

“No one would deny his skill and the way his brain thinks.”

“It’s just next level.”

Reynold Poernomo, the famous ‘dessert king’, has been a far and away favourite alongside Poh Ling Yeow since the series first aired, despite coming fourth in his original season back in 2015 which saw Billie McKay take the top spot.

Courtney says anyone can be axed, picks top three

Courtney Roulston says Reynold is her pick for the top spot on Masterchef 2020. Photo: Instagram/ courtneyroulston

With that said, Courtney points out the nature of the competition means even the most skilled contestant can be tripped up and sent home at any point, herself booted from the competition early after a technical difficulty saw a pressure test dished up incomplete.

“[That is the] reason they have the different challenges on the show because one week maybe someone like Reynold will be tripped up,” she warned, adding her two back up choices.

“If it’s not Reynold it will be Laura or Poh,” she said, pointing to Poh Ling Yeow and Laura Sharrad.

“Those three are going to be in there until the end.”

With all three still on screen, and still plating up incredible dishes week after week, looks like Courtney is on the money so far, though whether her pick will make it all the way remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, fans have had mixed responses to the trio, with some arguing their skills and experience in the industry now make them too advanced for the competition.

Poh, in particular, has inspired die-hard loyalty and die-hard opposition for her habit of pushing the envelope, and the time constraints, with incredibly stressful culinary feats that mostly pay off.

She has hit back at the fans’ concerns, saying she returned to the show to push herself, and if guest judge Katy Perry’s reaction is anything to go by, she sure is succeeding.

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