'Cannot handle anymore': Poh frustrates MasterChef fans during cooking challenge

MasterChef fans were left frustrated and stressed out on Monday night while watching Poh Ling Yeow cook during a group challenge.

The returning contestant was plating up culurgiones, a Sardinian potato dumpling, but struggled during the quick challenge to have them ready in time, with viewers taking to social media to express their frustration.

MasterChef's Poh
MasterChef's Poh frustrated and stressed fans out during Monday night's episode where she only just plated up in time. Photo: Ten

"Poh frustrated me with those potatoes tonight, it was obvious they were cut too big to cook in time & then she tried to steam them. She was definitely the wrong choice to cook second.” one person commented online.

Someone else took to Twitter writing: "Poh is stressing me TF out."

Another user wrote: "Judges: It’s a QUICK TEST... My whole household: DONT PUT POH UP."

They added: "I physically cannot handle any more Poh stress."

"Great, my heart hasn't recovered from Poh's last cook and now I have to do it all again," another fan added.

Someone else said: "How does Poh pull it off every time!! Every ounce of stress is worth it."

Others compared the stress to watching their partner’s giving birth.

It comes after fans slammed the preferential treatment Poh has seemingly been receiving on the show, with some saying she's overqualified and others saying she's underwhelming.

The chef has consistently impressed the show’s new trio of judges so far, but it seems the positivity is wearing thin for fans at home.

Many were quick to clarify it was the judges’ treatment and not the returning star, they had an issue with.

“Are the judges contractually obligated to heap high praises on Poh’s every dish?” one woman wondered. “She’s alright as a person, but it’s starting to get old, and it’s only been a few weeks!”

Others worried the show was becoming the ‘Poh show’ and that other contestants are unfairly missing out on screen time.

“Too much of the show focussed on her,” one fan wrote. “So many other more interesting contestants.”

On Sunday night, Poh's dessert came under fire for being too "basic".

Fans were left unimpressed by Poh's dessert on the Sunday night's episode. Photo: Ten
Fans were left unimpressed by Poh's dessert on the Sunday night's episode. Photo: Ten

“Sorry Poh, I adore you but it's just a vanilla slice,” one fan wrote.

“I hate to say it but Poh's vanilla slice looks a bit... basic,” another agreed.

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