MasterChef fans stunned as fan favourite dodges elimination again

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MasterChef is down to the final nine contestants after Sarah Tiong was sent packing last night in a jungle curry pressure test like no other.

However, fans have been left stunned that Poh Ling Yeow avoided elimination once again, even though she said herself that her curry tasted nothing like guest judge Benjamin Cooper’s dish.

Sarah Tiong and Poh Ling Yeow
Poh and Sarah ended up in the bottom two after last night's pressure cooking challenge. Photo: Channel 10

Reece took out the top spot last night, with Brendan also presenting a killer dish to the judges, leaving both Sarah and Poh in the bottom two.

Despite Poh realising during the challenge that her broth was completely wrong and serving up a sauce that was too heavy, she slipped through to the final nine.

Sadly for fans of the show, Sarah’s curry didn’t make the cut and she was sent home in an emotional farewell.

However, now some fans have alleged the judges may be biased towards some contestants, saying that Poh could serve up an empty plate and she would still make it through.

“The number of times the judges have been bias towards Poh is horrendous. Like literally she says that the curry tastes different but still Sarah_T gets eliminated. It's like it's decided that Poh is gonna win. She can rather serve an empty plate,” one person wrote.

MasterChef elimination
Reece was named the winner of the pressure test and Brendan also presented a standout curry to the judges. Photo: Channel 10

“I was really excited about #masterchefau this year but the bias with Poh, Laura, nope. May never watch again,” another person said.

“Honestly @masterchefau you really have outdone yourself. Poh brought a curry that tasted like only turmeric and you send Sarah home. What a fix,” a fan of the show Tweeted last night.

However others were delighted that Poh made it through the elimination challenge and slammed those who called it a fix.

“The claims that #MasterChefAU is rigged for Poh is outrageous. Every episode, the weaker dish has always been put in the bottom or get sent home. If it was rigged, she’d win every challenge and they wouldn’t even put her up for elimination Also, the guest judges add to the verdict as well. Do y’all really think production whispers to each guest judge “hey, today poh’s not gonna get sent home, she’s gonna win” if every guest judge was told that #MasterChefAU would have been exposed already,” a fan said.

“And here comes the Pho hate & rigged nonsense.I love all 4 of these cooks. They’re all awesome. If I had to choose a thicker curry or a watery one, I would pick Poh’s. I think if Sarah, hadn’t burnt her curry paste, she would have stayed, another person said.

Poh tasting a curry on MasterChef
Fans couldn't get over that Poh made it through, despite saying herself that her curry tasted nothing like the guest judges'. Photo: Channel 10

Last week, fan favourite Khanh Ong stuck up for Poh after fans said the reality series has become ‘The Poh Show’.

He denied Poh got any sort of preferential treatment on set, saying her cooking style just made good TV.

“I get that people are saying ‘oh there's a lot of Poh!’ but there's a lot of Poh because she finds herself in jeopardy a lot,” Khanh told New Idea.

“Whatever happens in that episode that makes good TV, that gets air time.

“I think if I had cooked like (Poh), I would have gotten the same amount of air time.”

Last month, Poh took to her Instagram to hit back at the criticism, after people took to their own social media accounts to say Poh had stressed them “TF out” and another said the South Australian “frustrated” them by playing with fire when it came to the cooking deadlines.

Sarah Tiong in the MasterChef kitchen
Sadly, Sarah Tiong was sent home last night. Photo: Channel 10

“To answer those who ask why I keep pushing it with my time limits? Simple - it’s why I came back on the show - to see what’s possible,” the 47-year-old said.

She also told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa last month that she would have loved to have stayed out of the spotlight a little bit more on the show but she ‘kept getting into trouble’.

“I know there’s been a few comments about, ‘Oh, it’s The Poh Show,’ but it’s because I keep doing well and then doing badly,” she said. “It means I’m in all the cooks.”

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