'That makes good TV': MasterChef contestant slams claims it's become 'The Poh Show'

It’s the cooking show that’s captured the nation, with some of the most beloved MasterChef chefs to have ever graced our screens battling it out for the coveted gold trophy.

However, over the weeks, fans of the show have been left reeling, with some saying Poh Ling Yeow has been given preferential treatment, even going so far as to call it ‘The Poh Show’.

Khanh Ong and Poh in the MasterChef kitchen
Khanh Ong has stood up for his fellow MasterChef contestant, Poh Ling Yeow. Photo: Channel 10

Many were quick to clarify it was the judges’ treatment and not the returning star, they had an issue with and now another contestant has spoken out about the controversy.

Fan favourite Khanh Ong has denied Poh got any sort of preferential treatment on set, saying her cooking style just made good TV.

“I get that people are saying ‘oh there's a lot of Poh!’ but there's a lot of Poh because she finds herself in jeopardy a lot,” Khanh told New Idea.

Poh, Tessa and Khanh in the 2020 MasterChef kitchen
Khanh said Poh's cooking makes good TV. Photo: Channel 10

“Whatever happens in that episode that makes good TV, that gets air time.

“I think if I had cooked like (Poh), I would have gotten the same amount of air time.”

Last month, Poh took to her Instagram to hit back at the criticism, after people took to their own social media accounts to say Poh had stressed them “TF out” and another said the South Australian “frustrated” them by playing with fire when it came to the cooking deadlines.

“To answer those who ask why I keep pushing it with my time limits? Simple - it’s why I came back on the show - to see what’s possible,” the 47-year-old said.

She also told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa last month that she would have loved to have stayed out of the spotlight a little bit more on the show but she ‘kept getting into trouble’.

“I know there’s been a few comments about, ‘Oh, it’s The Poh Show,’ but it’s because I keep doing well and then doing badly,” she said. “It means I’m in all the cooks.”

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