MasterChef judges in tears over 'mind-blowing' dish: 'Making me emotional'

"I think it's my favourite thing I've eaten in this competition to date," one of the MasterChef judges said of the dish.

The MasterChef judges
The MasterChef judges were left in tears over a 'mind-blowing' dish cooked by Sav on Monday night. Photo: Ten

The MasterChef judges were left in tears on Monday night after Sav plated up a "mind-blowing" dish that Poh Ling Yeow described as a "love letter" to the contestant's mother, who passed away in 2017. Both Poh and Sofia Levin were overcome with emotion while eating Sav's lampreys, a Sri Lankan meal that she had served up for them. Both called it their "favourite meal" of the competition.

Sav told the cameras, "I am very apprehensive taking this dish up to the judges, because I know a did a good job, but it's a dish that just means so much to me. It's my baby."


"Sav, around ten years ago, when I was in Colombo, I ate this dish," Sofia told her. "And I've been trying to find one that comes close to it ever since, but nothing has quite come close.

"Sav, this is far beyond what I had that day in Colombo. And... it's actually making me emotional," she added as she teared up. "It's so good. Like, it's truly amazing."

"Oh! You're making me emotional," Sav told her, stunned.

"Everything in that banana leave doesn't just have purpose and flavour, it's got feeling," Sofia said. "And it is a total privilege, I think it's my favourite thing I've eaten in this competition to date."

Andy Allen agreed, calling the dish "bloody mind-blowing", adding, "It's executed flawlessly, Sav."

"What you've achieved today, I hope you realise, is mind-blowing," Jean-Christophe Novelli added, saying he believes she's now the frontrunner.

"You are the threat now," he said.

"It's already been said, but this is my favourite dish of the season," Poh said, fighting back tears. "I feel like this is a love letter to your mum. And I just know she would be so, so proud of you."

MasterChef's Sav
Sav was left stunned by the judge's praise. Photo: Ten

MasterChef fans, especially fellow Sri Lankans, were quick to share their support for Sav's incredible dish on Instagram, with one user writing, "This girl deserves the whole world for what she has done for our little country."

"You really are waving the SL flag up high," another said. Congratulations 🎊 the whole of SL is behind you and is so proud of the way you are showcasing its best foods."


"Girl you make us all Lankans so proud," a third said.

"Wow!! What an achievement! Way to go girl!" another user said.

"What a move 🔥 well done girl," someone else said.

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