MasterChef fans left 'terribly disappointed' over editing decision during episode

Fans of MasterChef Australia are up in arms over one segment during the show.

MasterChef fans were left ‘terribly disappointed’ after last night’s episode of the hit show, due to an editing decision.

The remaining chefs were tasked with whipping up a dish for the judges using only the items in the supersized mystery box.

This included giant pumpkins, huge Toblerone, yellowfin tuna, an entire barrel of wine, a planter box full of mint, a giant wheel of parmesan, an orange tree, a whole giant box of rhubarb, a leg of prosciutto and some giant peanuts.

Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo on MasterChef 2023
MasterChef fans were left disappointed after Monday night's episode of the hit show. Photo: Channel 10

The whole episode followed the chefs through the trials and tribulations of the challenge, however, fans noticed that while all the contestants offered up a dish, viewers didn’t get to see them all being tasted by the judges.

“Terribly disappointed after tonight's episode as once again we had the situation of some "cooks" not featuring with their dishes at the end so we don't even know what they cooked,” a fan of the show wrote online.

“Fortunately none of them are in the cook off tomorrow night so they weren't among the three worst cooks for the night.

“Unfortunately because the overall series has concluded filming this situation is not likely to be corrected in future episodes so we will have to put up with it right through to the end I guess.”


Many people agreed with the viewer, with another person commenting: “True, I know it's edited but I've only seen Amy present two dishes..others seem to be featured nearly every night.”

“I’m not so disappointed more like confused. What did Uncle Robbie cook?” another person said.

However, others were baffled over the complaint, claiming this is the standard format of MasterChef shows all over the world.

“They have done this every season. If you watch MasterChef from other countries, they do exactly the same thing,” one person said.

“This is nothing new. There really isn't time to watch everyone's dish being tasted. The judges have watched throughout the cook and have chosen a certain number of dishes to taste, as they have always done. Haven't you watched the previous 14 series?” another person questioned.

2023 MasterChef cast
Not all of the chefs got to showcase their dishes. Photo: Channel 10

It comes after MasterChef viewers were left baffled during Poh’s episode of the show, when half of the cast appeared to be missing.

Many took to social media to question what had happened to the show, with one saying that the season felt ‘disjointed’ due to the edit. “This season is weird, no idea what’s happening — think they are chopping bits out — can’t get into it,” they wrote.

“Where are all the contestants? Am I missing something,” a baffled fan added.


“Been trying to find out what’s happened too! Where are they all?” a third chimed in.

“I missed the first week in favour of Lego Masters, what’s the go with the fact that there’s only [seven] contestants but only been one elimination so far? Are they grouped?” another asked.

It turns out that eight contestants had Covid during filming so the crew had to keep them isolated. Instead of putting filming on hold, the contestants have been divided into two groups.MasterChef fans up in arms over editing decision

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