MasterChef's Julie Goodwin breaks down over Jock Zonfrillo memories

Julie shared how Jock helped her with her mental health struggles when she returned to the show last year.

Former MasterChef star Julie Goodwin broke down on The Sunday Project while recalling how Jock Zonfrillo helped her through her mental health struggles.

Julie appeared on MasterChef: Fans V Faves last year with the late celebrity chef, sharing how he was always there for her.

MasterChef's Julie Goodwin cries on The Sunday Project
MasterChef's Julie Goodwin broke down on The Project while remembering how Jock Zonfrillo helped her through mental health struggles. Photo: Ten

"It was Jock with his openness about his own struggles that really became a massive part of my healing journey," she shared through her tears.

"He could see the struggle that I was having. He met me there and he made it okay for me to be here. He was just generous."


She continued, sharing Jock's impact on those who knew him, "When you cook for people, you can impact the people that eat your food, but when you teach people and when you mentor people and when you lift people up, and send them out into the world, you impact everybody."

The TV chef also shared that she will be watching the new season of the show, which is Jock's last, saying, "With sadness in my heart, but with great respect and great love, I will watch and I'm not sure how I'll manage."

Jock Zonfrillo on MasterChef
Jock Zonfrillo passed away two weeks ago at the age of 46, leaving behind his wife and four children. Photo: Ten

"I am not sure how any of us will manage, but I believe that's the right thing to do, is to let him teach and uplift people for this one last season."

Julie has battled anxiety and depression following a drink-driving arrest five years ago, she shared with Woman's Day that it was a "massive discussion" with her family before she agreed to do MasterChef again last year.

"I didn't just say yes. I talked to my family, I talked to my psychologist, and it was a decision that was made in a very considered way because at the end of the day, I didn't want to be back at the bottom of a dark place."

She added, "They've worked around the filming schedule to allow me to still have my psychology appointments and to get out early in the morning to do my exercise. They touch base with me constantly to make sure I'm OK."

Jock passed away two weeks ago at the age of 46 and was laid to rest in a private funeral on Saturday in Sydney. He is survived by his wife Lauren Fried, and his four children: Ava, Sophia, Alfie and Isla.

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