'Devastated': MasterChef fans floored by elimination

MasterChef fans have been left devastated following the elimination of fan-favourite Reece Hignell on Sunday night.

Reece was eliminated after serving up a vegetarian dish that the judges deemed a little lacklustre.

Reece Hignell eliminated MasterChef
Reece was heartbroken after getting eliminated from MasterChef on Sunday and so were his fans. Photo: Ten

The chef decided to do the classic pairing of beetroot and goat's cheese, but packed it with details – he pickled and roasted the beetroot, and served it with a goat’s cheese mousse, topped with a chocolate and hazelnut crumb.

Judge Jock Zonfrillo, however, wasn't impressed, saying: "It’s a nice dish, but we weren’t looking for nice today, somebody’s going home today and I don’t think nice is good enough."

Sadly, the rest of the group agreed that while the beetroot was cooked perfectly, they felt that the components of the dish felt separate.

Jock told the deflated chef: "Reece your portions were just not quite right, your seasoning was out, and we all felt it just wasn’t finals worthy. So I’m sorry Reece, that’s why you’re going home."

As Reece left the kitchen, he said he was "heartbroken" by the elimination.

"I just love everyone in this room. I’m so grateful to meet you guys and have that support," he said.

He told the cameras: "It’s a sad, sad moment, but I really appreciate what I’ve done since I’ve been there … To do it twice is special."

"And I got to meet Katy Perry, and I’m still starstruck," he jokingly added.

Reece Hignell on MasterChef
As Reece left the kitchen, he said he was "heartbroken" by the elimination. Photo: Ten

Judge Melissa Leong told him: "When you walk out that door today, I want you to strut like you mean it, because you are tens across the board to us, because you’re wonderful, and we’ll miss you."

Unsurprisingly, fans were "devastated" that Reece was eliminated.

One fan wrote: "OMG!! I'm so devastated that [Reece] has gone home. I just wanted to reach through the TV and give him a great big hug!! I'm gonna miss you so much Reece!!!"

Another added: "Reece is gone and Masterchef is over for this season thanks."

Someone else wrote: "First Poh, now Reece. #MasterChefAU really out here trying to kill me before COVID does."

Another fan wrote: "And just like that, the #MasterChefAU kitchen loses its last bit of joie de vivre with Reece leaving... Loved Reece in his first season, absolutely ADORED him in this one. Not only a brilliant cook, but super witty & sweet. You're the t*ts, Reece. Super proud of you Newy boi!"

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