The Bachelors: Osher Gunsberg says show is 'catching up to modern dating' with new season

EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelors 2023 is going more 'real life' and less aspirational.

The Bachelor(s) surprised fans in July when it announced that it would once again cast three men in the lead role for the show.

The new format, which debuted earlier this year, showed a revamped look for The Bachelor series, and it appears Channel 10 want to keep the momentum going when it comes to spicing up the long-running dating show.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this year that the show went with three guys again "as it created a lot of hype last year and was better than pinning all hopes on one suitor".

While it's still a secret when the new series will air, it was announced in July that Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell, and Luke Bateman were cast in the leading roles.

The Bachelors 2023
The Bachelors is returning to Network 10 with three men in the leading role again. Photo: Ten

Host Osher Günsberg has been the man helping the leads dish out roses and find love ever since The Bachelor debuted in Australia in 2013.

He recently sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle and spilled the tea on what to expect from the upcoming season.

The Bachelors: It's like Game of Thrones

No, no, don't worry, there isn't going to be a red wedding in the new season of The Bachelors... we think, anyway.

"Season two of Game of Thrones is better than season one," Osher explained to Yahoo Lifestyle. "And season three is better than season two and season one."

So while thankfully we don't think anyone is going to die this season or be sleeping with their siblings, Osher said it was all about making little adjustments to the format to keep it up to scratch with modern society.

Osher Gunsberg
Osher Gunsberg has been hosting The Bachelor for the past 10 seasons and says the show is making some tweaks to its previously 'aspirational' format. Photo: Ten

Speaking of the earlier seasons of the show, Osher called them 'aspirational' but now times are changing.

"It was a time before the swipey dating apps, right?" he said. "The show is kind of catching up with what modern dating looks like.

And so in this season, for example, one example would be like we used to, we would clear a restaurant if people were having dinner, we don't do that now."


The Bachelors is catching up but still romantic

Jessica Navin and Felix Von Hofe on The Bachelors
Jessica Navin made The Bachelor Australia history when openly discussing her open relationship dynamics with Bachie Felix Von Hofe. Photo: Ten

You may remember one of the biggest storylines from the first season of The Bachelors earlier this year (also known as Season 10 of the franchise because we like to keep things confusing around here), was Jessica Navin telling her suitor Felix that she was navigating an open relationship.

Not only did Jessica and Felix deal with that on-screen, but things got weirder when Jessica's partner who was kind of an ex but not really an ex, Damien, showed up to remind her he still existed and was fighting for her.

Osher teased there'd be more juicy things to expect in this upcoming season.

"We kind of almost Trojan Horse, these kinds of concepts into primetime TV, which otherwise wouldn't get there," he explained.

"We did a bunch last year with different relationship structures that people would otherwise be, you know, a bit puzzled by and it was really interesting that we got that into primetime TV. There's more of that this season, which I'm really excited about."

But for the diehard romantics, don't fear: there'll still be candles and romance and Osher clinking his wedding ring onto a champagne flute to announce his entrance.

"It's really lovely," Osher spilled. "This [season] is really romantic, like sending gifts and flowers and things like that."

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