The Masked Singer 2020: Puppet is Red Wiggle Simon Pryce

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Red Wiggle Simon Pryce has been unmasked as the Puppet on The Masked Singer 2020, with judge Dannii Minogue delighted to claim yet another victory in the season.

One-quarter of Australia’s most beloved children’s band, Simon was finally unmasked after weeks of speculation and seemed to be delighted to finally show his Wiggly colours once more.

Masked Singer 2020 Australia Puppet Simon Pryce Red Wiggle
The Puppet has been revealed on The Masked Singer after weeks of spoilers and speculation. Photo: Ten

“It’s hard to do Wiggly finger in this,” he joked.

“He’s got the Red Wiggle skivvy on!” a delighted Osher Gunsberg added, Simon bending over to show viewers he was indeed in full Wiggles character for the big reveal.

“The amount of songs we learn as the Wiggles is kind of the equivalent to this,” he explained, referring to the show’s gruelling one song per week format.

Simon Pryce Red Wiggle revealed Masked Singer
The Red Wiggle revealed The Wiggle's gruelling work schedule prepared him for the demands of the show. Photo: Ten

“These are probably a bit trickier and a few more words,” he conceded.

“Normally I go ‘hot potato, hot potato’. Then ‘cold spaghetti cold spaghetti’. So there were a lot of words to learn.”

The reveal came after a major blunder saw Simon’s name revealed as the Puppet on Wikipedia early in September.

An eagle-eyed viewer revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle they had spotted another premature edit on Wikipedia, revealing the celebrity behind The Puppet mask.

A screenshot taken by the fan reveals what many viewers had already guessed from the clues provided - the star behind the season’s ‘creepiest’ mask is Red Wiggle, Simon Pryce.

“Appeared in the 2020 version of The Masked Singer as ‘The Puppet’,” it said on his Wiki page, before the addition was promptly deleted the next day.

It seems someone in the know let slip the secret a little sooner than intended.

It’s not the only big reveal from the Wiggle this week, however.

Red Wiggle baby news
Simon announced he is expecting a baby with wife Lauren. Photo: Ten

On Sunday, the children’s entertainer announced the exciting news he and his wife Lauren Hannaford are expecting their first child.

The Red Wiggle took to Instagram to share the news posting two photos to show off Lauren’s growing baby bump.

“Lauren and I are beyond excited and overjoyed to be expecting our first baby in early 2021,” he wrote, using Father’s Day on Sunday to make the announcement.

“I already feel like I’m bursting with love.”


Below, we’ve been keeping tabs on who’s been unmasked — and whose identity is still up for guessing — so far on The Masked Singer 2020. It goes without saying that there are spoilers ahead if you’re not up-to-date with the latest episode.

Who’s been unmasked so far on The Masked Singer 2020?

The Puppet - Red Wiggle Simon Pryce

The Puppet was unmasked as Simon Pryce the Red Wiggle. Photo: Ten
The Puppet was unmasked as Simon Pryce the Red Wiggle. Photo: Ten

Red Wiggle Simon Pryce was unmasked as the Puppet on The Masked Singer 2020 coming in third in the competition.

Judge Dannii Minogue claimed yet another victory, correctly guessing Simon’s identity.

Kitten - Lady Julia Morris

Lady Julia Morris on The Masked Singer 2020
Lady Julia Morris unmasked as the Kitten. Photo: Channel 10

When Dannii Minogue asked what it felt like to be back on the mic, Julia shared: "As a comedian, you don't want anyone to think you're taking yourself too seriously. Being behind the mask, I was allowed to have my turn at being a singer, and that was so thrilling. It filled me up in a great way. I've had such a wonderful experience."

Cactus - Lucy Durak

Lucy Durack as The Cactus
Lucy Durack unmasked as the Cactus on The Masked Singer. Photo: Channel 10

Cactus put her heart on the line for The Masked Singer Australia semi finals with Bonnie Tyler's ballad Total Eclipse Of The Heart, however she ended up being unmasked on the singing show.

"I was such a fan of the show, I did not miss one episode last year. The mask is so much fun because you have this freedom to just have a go. I got to sing so many songs I never thought I would have a go at. I'm normally singing all musical theatre,” she said.

Wizard - Isaiah Firebrace

masked singer isaiah firebrace
Isaiah Firebrace was behind the Wizard mask. Photo: Channel Ten

Jackie O correctly guessed Isaiah Firebrace was behind the Wizard mask, with the number 17 being one of the clues, and she was the only judge to get it right.

“Obviously 17 is a big clue, with the candles. And I know Isaiah Firebrace was 17 when he won X Factor and when he entered Eurovision, so I'm gonna lock in Isaiah Firebrace,” she had said.

Dragonfly - Sophie Monk

Photo: Channel Ten
Photo: Channel Ten

There was no fooling Dannii Minogue, who scored her first correct guess of the season, correctly picking Sophie Monk as Dragonfly.

Jackie O was certain it wasn’t her best friend, especially after she tried to call her during a previous episode, only for Sophie to clap back with: “Everyone thinks I’m that moth.”

Sophie, who sung Ke$ha’s Tik Tok during the episode, also explained she actually took Jackie O’s call from backstage.

“Do you know how hard that was for me? I feel so bad,” she said.

Once the mask came off, the former Bardot member admitted she had not sung in 17 years.

“I have to thank The Masked Singer Australia. I was embarrassed to sing in the shower,” she said. “I have not sung for 17 years, I got burnt by the industry. Jackie always asked if I would sing again and I said never.

“There’s something about the disguise that makes it so much easier to just bring out confidence. You’re not worrying about what people think about you, no one was judging me, I could just sing.”

Sloth - Katie Noonan

Katie Noonan on the Masked Singer 2020
Katie Noonan has been unmasked as the Sloth. Photo: Channel 10

Singer-songwriter Katie Noonan shocked all of the judges when she was unmasked as the Sloth.

When asked by host Osher Günsberg as to why she came on The Masked Singer, she explained: "Because it's so much fun, and I love the idea of getting out of my comfort zone.

“It's something I have always really been into."

She went on to say that being involved in the competition “doesn't compare to anything."

Goldfish - Christine Anu

Christine Anu as Goldfish on The Masked Singer
Christine Anu stunned the judges as she was revealed as Goldfish. Photo: Channel 10

Despite Dave Hughes saying he loved her performance and Dannii Minogue exclaiming: "I want to be in your school!", Goldfish was voted out of The Masked Singer Australia and iconic pop performer Christine Anu was unmasked.

After she removed her mask, Dannii Minogue said: "The weirdest thing is, we guessed your name so many times last year!"

Jackie O added: "We'd given up on guessing you!"

Hammerhead - Michael Bevan

Michael Bevan as the Hammerhead on The Masked Singer
Michael Bevan was revealed as the Hammerhead. Photo: Channel 10

Australian cricketer Michael Bevan was shown the door on episode two of the show.

Belting out Australian pub-rock classic Working Class Man by Jimmy Barnes, Bevan did his best to channel his inner rock star, but instead he was left drowning in the wake of Kitten's energetic take on Dua Lipa's Don't Start Now.

The Echidna - Mark Philippoussis

Mark Philippoussis on The Masked Singer
The Echidna was unmasked as tennis legend Mark Philippoussis in episode one of The Masked Singer 2020. Photo: Channel 10

The two-time Davis Cup winner’s singing journey sadly ended in episode one.

“I was bummed, I'm gonna' be honest, I am competitive. Who doesn't love to sing? I love music, it was an incredible adventure,” Mark told host Osher Günsberg after his elimination.

What are the clues and best guesses for...?

The Bushranger

Viewers’ guesses: Marcia Hines, Bonnie Anderson, Jess Mauboy


  • I’m not afraid to take the gloves off and get my hands a little dirty.”

The Bushranger on The Masked Singer 2020.
The Bushranger on The Masked Singer 2020. Photo: Channel 10

The Frillneck

Viewers’ guesses: Sam Pang, Jemaine Clement, Jimmy Rees.


  • “I've always been a stand-up guy, who hangs with birds of a feather.”

The Frillneck on The Masked Singer 2020. Photo: Channel 10 (supplied).
The Frillneck on The Masked Singer 2020. Photo: Channel 10 (supplied).

The Queen

Viewers’ guesses: Kate Miller-Heidke, Michelle Payne


  • “My sporting pedigree can’t be denied... and doesn’t that just take the cake.”

The Queen on The Masked Singer 2020. Photo: Channel 10 (supplied).
The Queen on The Masked Singer 2020. Photo: Channel 10 (supplied).

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