The Masked Singer: Puppet spoiled as fan spots Wiki blunder

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Warning: Spoilers ahead

Just a day after the celebrity behind the Bushranger on The Masked Singer was given away on a Wikipedia page, it seems another page has given away who is behind one of the more controversial masks of the season - The Puppet.

the masked singer puppet
Has the star behind The Puppet been revealed? Photo: Channel 10

An eagle-eyed viewer revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle they had spotted another premature edit on Wikipedia, revealing the celebrity behind The Puppet mask.

A screenshot taken by the fan reveals what many viewers had already guessed from the clues provided - the star behind the season’s ‘creepiest’ mask is Red Wiggle, Simon Pryce.

“Appeared in the 2020 version of The Masked Singer as ‘The Puppet’,” it said on his Wiki page, before the addition was promptly deleted the next day.

the masked singer puppet revealed
Fans had guessed who is behind The Puppet mask. Photo: Channel 10
simon wiggle masked singer clue wikipedia
A fan saw this giveaway on Wikipedia before it was deleted. Photo: Supplied

Since the beginning of the show, viewers had guessed Simon was perhaps behind the mask with the Lederhosen clue being the dead giveaway according to seasoned Wiggles fans.


“Omg he wears that in a Wiggles video! It has to be Simon,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Okay. I’m convinced it’s the red Wiggle Simon, it sounds like him,” another said.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Even though the celebrity’s identity seems to have been revealed, it still hasn’t stopped fans from calling for The Puppet to be the next person unmasked - if anything to stop the ‘nightmares’.

The Masked Singer viewers have been taking to social media to plead for the Puppet to be unmasked “so we don’t have to be afraid anymore”.

“End the nightmares,” another person wrote on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

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