Lindsay Lohan replaced as a judge on The Masked Singer

Sarah Carty
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She was one of the most-loved judges on the reality show but Lindsay Lohan won’t be returning for season two of The Masked Singer.

Channel 10 has confirmed that comedian Urzila Carlson will replace the Hollywood star, and will bring a ‘heart and head full of general knowledge, to the dynamic panel of The Masked Singer Australia’.

Lindsay Lohan is unable to travel to Australia due to border restrictions in place because of the coronavirus.

Linday Lohan on The Masked Singer Australia
Lindsay Lohan has been replaced on The Masked Singer Australia. Photo: Channel 10

Urzilla, who already occasionally appears on Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention? will join Jackie O, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue on the judging panel.

"Being on The Masked Singer Australia is very exciting - it's not something I thought I would ever do, but when I got the call to say 'Lindsay can't make it because of Cyrus The Virus, could you step in?', I immediately said yes,” Urzila said in a statement.

"I'm pumped to do the show, but I'm also upset that Lindsay can't be the other panelist. But for anyone who is at home and angry, think about this - I have to wear her wardrobe because they've already spent the money, so they are just putting in a few clips for me.

Urzila Carlson headshot for The Masked Singer
Comedian Urzila Carlson will take her spot on the judging panel. Photo: Channel 10

“Spare a thought for me, and tune in just for that, and the amazing talent under the masks!"

Host Osher Günsberg was thrilled at the news, saying: "We couldn't be more excited to welcome Urzila into the bonkers world of The Masked Singer Australia. She is an absolute crack up, and will fit right in as the panel tries to guess who is who!"

Linday Lohan was a fan favourite on the show, with her quirky guesses on who was behind the mask and her whitty one-liners.

Fans started speculating that maybe Urzila was about to take over the reigns from the Mean Girls star after she appeared on Nova 100's Chrissie, Sam & Browny on Tuesday, where the 44-year-old didn’t shoot down the rumours.

“I heard that. I'm sitting in Auckland right now in my PJ pants. Haven't they already started filming that? Wouldn't I need to be there?” she said.

The judges on The Masked Singer Australia
Filming of the news series of The Masked Singer is thought to be delayed due to travel restrictions between Victoria and NSW. Photo: Channel 10

Chrissy Swan told Urzila that they haven’t actually started filming yet, with Urzila responding: “Ah, if it was true, I pity those wardrobe ladies because I don't know if I will fit in Lindsay's wardrobe and I've got nothing flash enough.”

She put the radio hosts off even more by adding: “You and I both know Ed Kavalee is going to be that person filling in for Lindsay and not me.”

While Channel 10 hasn’t confirmed the return date for The Masked Singer, it’s been reported that filming has been delayed due to travel restrictions at the moment between Victoria and NSW.

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