'It worked': Woman's unique way of applying mascara goes viral

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If you struggle with getting each and every lash covered with mascara, then you might want to watch this video.

TikTok user Taylor Tripler has uploaded a video showing her hack for applying mascara, claiming everyone always asks her if she has false eyelashes on.

Woman applying mascara
A TikToker's unique method for applying mascara has gone viral. Photo: TikTok/_slaybytay_

"Ok you guys are all doing your mascara the wrong way," she says in the clip.

"I learned this I think when I was in high school and I've been doing it ever since and everyone always asks me if I have fake eyelashes on.

"Ok, watch..."


The video shows Taylor using her Fenty Beauty Lift and Curl Mascara from Rihanna’s beauty line and scooping the product out.

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty mascara
The TikToker used Rihanna's Fenty Beauty mascara in her video.
Woman using tip of Fenty Beauty mascara to apply it
Instead of brushing across, she takes the tip and swipes it over the lashes. Photo: TikTok/_slaybytay_

Instead of taking the wand and brushing her lashes with the mascara, Taylor instead uses the tip to coat the lashes in the mascara first before then brushing it through.

She then waits for it to dry completely and uses a cotton swab to dab away any excess product left on her eyelid.

“I just tried this and OMG I have freakin eyelashes now,” one person commented on the video.

Woman showing off long lashes on TikTok
The end result is amazing. Photo: TikTok/_slaybytay_

“Guys, it worked and I have like no lashes,” another said.

One woman said she’s 50 and she’s been applying her mascara the same way for her whole life.

However, others were a bit more cautious about trying out the method, saying they would be afraid of poking themselves in the eye with the mascara wand.

Taylor explained that she usually takes it slower than she showed in the video.

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