Star divides fans with skimpy bikini on dinner date: 'Insane'

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo has wowed her fans with a skimpy bikini top she wore out to dinner with friends.

The model and influencer shared a snap to her Instagram of her wearing the tiny blue halterneck bikini top with a pink floral design.

Matching bottoms could be seen poking out above the white pants she sported as part of the outfit.

The bikini top revealed a large part of her chest, with just a string connecting each piece of material covering her modesty.

The outfit also showed off her toned abs in a mirror selfie she also shared with her followers.

Olivia's fans were wowed by her outfit, with many saying the model was "gorgeous".

Olivia Culpo sits in a restaurant wearing a skimpy blue bikini top.
Some fans loved Olivia Culpo's look while others said they did not care for her top. Source: Instagram

"Insane," one wrote.

"Always stunning," another simply commented.

"Absolutely glowing," a third added.

Others however were not impressed with Olivia's choice of outfit, with many expressing they were not a fan of the bikini top.


"That top does nothing for you," one said.

"You're so beautiful but I don't care for the top," a fan added.

"Wearing it wrong," a third claimed.

Model slams airline over 'offensive' outfit claim

It comes after the model called out American Airlines earlier this year after a staff member allegedly deemed her outfit ‘inappropriate’ and told her to ‘put a blouse on’ or she wouldn’t be able to catch her flight to Mexico.

The 29-year-old model and her sister Aurora, who were travelling to Cabo alongside Olivia’s NFL star boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, took to social media to detail the incident.

Aurora shared a video on her Instagram Story showing Olivia wearing a black sports bra, black biker shorts and a long black cardigan.

“Olivia and I are going to Cabo, look at her outfit,” she began. “She looks cute, she looks appropriate, no?

“They call her up to the desk and tell her that she needs to put a blouse on otherwise she can't get on the plane. Tell me, is that not so f***ed up? American Airlines, I love you so much, [but] please get me to Cabo."

Olivia Culpo wearing a black cardigan over a black bra.
Olivia Culpo claims American Airlines told her to cover up before her flight to Mexico. Source: Instagram

Olivia then re-posted Aurora’s video on her own Instagram Story alongside the caption: “Oh no I'm confused lol. Is this inappropriate/offensive?”

In a follow-up video, Aurora filmed her sister standing next to a fellow passenger who was dressed in a turquoise athleisure set similar to Olivia’s but hadn’t been told by American Airlines to cover up.

According to the company’s website, passengers must ‘dress appropriately’ to ‘ensure a safe environment for everyone’.

Olivia ended up boarding the flight wearing her boyfriend’s large grey hoodie, leaving Christian in just a white t-shirt.

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