Martha Kalifatidis' mum shares heartbreaking truth behind transformation

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Big Brother star Mary Kalifatidis, mum to former Married At First Sight bride Martha, has shared the heartbreaking story behind her recent makeover.

The 56-year-old took to Instagram on Monday to unveil her dramatic dental transformation after a lifetime of feeling embarrassed about her teeth.

Martha Kalifatidis and her mother, Mary Kalifatidis
Martha Kalifatidis' mum Mary has unveiled her new look - and the sad backstory behind it - on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/maryykala.

Mary's new look

Mary posted a stunning snap with her daughter, with both women beaming at the camera and looking fabulous in their chic outfits.

In the caption, Mary explained that the photo was taken earlier in the year and that she's chosen to share it now to celebrate the start of her 'smiling journey'.

She went on to reveal that she was so insecure about her teeth that she refused to smile — even on her wedding day — leading others to assume she was 'unhappy'.

"This photo was taken about 2 months ago," she began. "And the reason I am sharing it with you, is it is the beginning of my smiling journey.

"All my life I would keep my mouth closed when I would smile. In every photo I have, my mouth is closed, even in my wedding, birthday, engagement photos."


Martha Kalifatidis' mother, Mary Kalifatidis with her husband on their wedding day
Mary Kalifatidis said she refused to smile, even on her wedding day, because she was embarrassed by her teeth. Photo: Instagram/maryykala.

'The new me'

Now, Mary has a perfectly straight, gleaming smile courtesy of celebrity dentist Dr. Deepan 'Dr. Dee' Duraisamy, who has tended to the teeth of reality stars including MAFS groom Patrick Dwyer.

It's not clear which treatment Mary received however Dr. Dee is well-known for his porcelain veneers which can cost up to $48,000 for a set of 20.

Mary admitted that she struggles to show off her pearly whites to this day after hiding them for so long.

"Even in that photo I struggle to smile, because all my life I have never smiled," she said.

"Dr. Dee explained to me, you need to practice because you have forgotten how to smile naturally. I thought to myself, how can I not know how to smile? Something so easy. Even my kids tell me. To relax when I smile. It's all so new to me," she added.

Mary went on to thank Dr. Dee for her "new cheesy smile" that has given her a huge self-confidence boost.

"I am forever grateful and cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for the new me," she wrote.

Martha Kalifatidis and her mum, Mary Kalifatidis
After appearing on Big Brother, Mary Kalifatidis is a reality star in her own right. Photo: Instagram/maryykala.

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