MAFS groom Patrick's $24K transformation stuns girlfriend Belinda

Off the back of his girlfriend Belinda Vickers' stunning transformation, Married at First Sight groom Patrick Dwyer had undergone his very own makeover.

The personal trainer from Melbourne had a total teeth overhaul by celebrity dentist Dr. Deepan 'Dr. Dee' Duraisamy that's thought to have cost a minimum of $24,000.

Married At First Sight 2021 couple Patrick Dwyer and Belinda Vickers dressed in matching floral outfits at a dinner party
Married At First Sight's Patrick Dwyer had undergone a dramatic transformation since his TV days. Photo: Channel Nine.

'Self-conscious about my smile'

The 27-year-old took to Instagram on Friday to share several snaps documenting his dental glow-up, which saw him fitted with 12 'Picasso' porcelain veneers.

In the caption, Patrick opened up on how appearing on reality TV and the criticism that comes with it motivated him to undergo the procedure — despite admitting to a fear of dentists.

"Not going to lie, after seeing my teeth on MAFS I realised how bad they were and started to get self-conscious about my smile," he wrote.

"I did get a lot of negative comments about my teeth but it was when I personally started to dislike them that it started to bother me," he added.


A selfie of Married At First Sight's Patrick Dwyer mid-way through his veneers fitting
Patrick shared updates to social media during his dental makeover. Photo: Instagram/patrickdwyer_official.
A before (left) and after image of Married At First Sight's Patrick Dwyer dental transformation
Before and after the personal trainer's $24k smile overhaul. Photo: Vogue Dental Studios via Instagram/patrickdwyer_official.

The big reveal

Patrick went on to call Dr. Dee an "awesome and genuine bloke," and say that he "could not be happier" with his brand new smile.

The makeover would've cost a pretty penny. According to the Vogue Dental Studios website, a single veneer is priced between $2,000 to $3,500 meaning a set of 12 would cost in the region of $24k to $42k.

Patrick also shared a sweet video of his TV-wife-turned-girlfriend Belinda seeing his pearly whites for the first time.

"Wow, they look really nice!" she says, clearly taken aback at her beau's transformation.

Patrick's fans also loved his new look and took to the comments section to share their compliments.

"Looking good dude," wrote his fellow MAFS star Liam Cooper.

"Wow what a transformation," added another fan.

Married At First Sight's Belinda Vickers reacts to her boyfriend Patrick Dwyer's new veneers
Belinda was blown away by her beau's new teeth. Photo: Instagram/patrickdwyer_official.

It's not Belinda's first visit to Dr Dee's clinic. Back In April, she was by her fellow MAFS star's side, Jo Todd, who had a teeth transformation of her own.

The barber and mum-of-two had 20 'Picasso' porcelain veneers fitted, costing in the region of $48,000.

"I am the happiest. I actually feel different," she said at the time.

Dr Dee appears to be the go-to dentist for many MAFS and Bachie stars including Jessika Power, Nick Furphy, Timm Hanly and Carlin Sterritt who have all received the veneer treatment of late.

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