'I didn't see it as cheating': Jess speaks out on MAFS affair

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MAFS’ Jessika Power and Dan Webb have attempted to explain the reasoning behind ditching their onscreen spouses in favour of each other. Photo: Channel Nine

The scandalous details of their affair dropped the collective jaws of their Married at First Sight cast mates during Sunday night’s episode.

And now Jessika Power and Dan Webb have attempted to explain the reasoning behind ditching their onscreen spouses in favour of each other.

“In this experiment, I didn’t really see it as ‘cheating’ because I was never in love with Mick, and Dan was never in love with Tamara,” Jess told Nova’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny.

“Even if we (she and Dan) hadn’t met one another, I don’t think Mick and I would have lasted.

“Our attraction was straight away, and I think we’ve proven that you can’t really beat chemistry.”

Dan, who is now openly in a relationship with Jess following the program’s airing, also chimed in to reflect on the way everything went down.

“It’s very hard to look back now and watch how it unfolded,” he said.

Jess also appeared to double-down on her controversial actions while on the program, revealing she and Dan ‘need to own (their) wrong’. Photo: Channel Nine

But despite remaining adamant their actions didn’t qualify as cheating, Jess told the Today Show her actions were ‘disgusting’, ‘selfish’ and ‘ridiculous’ throughout the affair.

“I just wasn’t thinking straight,” she told the program, adding: “I wanted to be with (Dan) and I definitely was selfish.”

“We do feel quite guilty for the people we’ve hurt along the way.”

The candid admissions come after an explosive commitment ceremony which saw the new couple announce the affair to the experts – and their spouses – with no prior warning.

The shocking blow caused Jess’ on screen husband Mick Gould break down after she shamelessly announced her new flame made her ‘giddy’.

“You dragged me here and made me look like an idiot and go f**king mental so you could play footsie with him and bloody flirt with him,” he said through tears.

“You are a selfish brat. You spoilt b***h!”

“I’ve f**king wasted my time. Unbelievable. To think at one stage I actually bloody liked you.”

The affair’s shocking revelations caused Jess’ on screen husband Mick Gould break down. Photo: Channel Nine

Similarly, Dan’s onscreen wife Tamara felt ambushed by the revelation and fairly pointed blame at both parties for their part in the scandal.

“You’re a liar. Everybody convinced me to stay and now I feel like a complete f**khead,” she told Dan.

She then launched into Jess, telling her: “You’ve s**t all over me. As a girl. You could have said to me, “we’ve spoken, I fancy him,” I would’ve been like, ‘cool’.”

After the scandal’s full force came to the surface, Jess and Dan shockingly asked the experts if they could stay in the experiment – as a newly-formed couple.

Despite the decision sparking collective shock among their fellow contestants, John Aiken explained the trio’s decision by saying “they’re not here to judge, to take sides or to intervene in the course of the experiment”.

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