Celebrity Apprentice fans demand Martha be fired after ‘cheating’

Fans of Celebrity Apprentice are calling for MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis to be fired after the ‘cheating’ scandal that occurred in Sunday night’s episode.

The social media influencer was caught breaking the challenge rules, but still took home the win and $20,000 for her chosen charity BullyZero.

Martha Kalifatidis on celebrity apprentice
Fans on Twitter have said that Martha has set a bad example by ‘cheating and getting away with it’. Photo: Channel Nine

The task had the celebrities create their own ice cream flavours and sell them on the street to make the most money from the general public.

Martha was partnered with Shaynna Blaze against the three remaining male contestants Ross Noble, Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and Josh Gibson.

The duo decided to sell a $50 ‘Royale’ soft serve ice cream, which lead to them winning the challenge after it was a huge hit with customers.


However, many of the patrons were personal contacts of Martha’s, including her MAFS ‘husband’ and current boyfriend Michael Brunelli.

Michael arrived at the ice cream truck with a friend, and ended up spending $1150 on ice cream between them.

The buyers also included a group of body builders that Martha apparently knew, as well as promoters of a vitamin company that Martha has advertised on Instagram in the past.

Martha’s MAFS boyfriend Michael Brunelli at the ice cream van.
Martha’s boyfriend Michael was questioned by adviser Janine Allis after buying $1150 worth of ice-cream with a friend. Photo: Channel Nine

While contestants have relied on their black book of famous connections in previous tasks on the show, this challenge required the celebrities to make money solely off members of the public.

In the boardroom, the reality TV star hilariously denied having her partner at the event before Lord Alan Sugar called her out.

"This was not about getting your contacts to buy truckloads of ice creams, Martha. It’s not fair to create false sales," Lord Sugar told her.

"I’ve got to teach you a lesson here. I’m going to strike those sales off the table."

Martha’s team still ended up winning the challenge, with $1136 in total profit compared to the boys’ $682.50.

After she and Shaynna left the boardroom, radio host Wippa, who had been the Project Manager on the boys' team, was fired from the competition.

Martha with team member Shaynna Blaze on celebrity apprentice
Martha was called out by Lord Sugar in the boardroom for creating ‘false sales’. Photo: Channel Nine

Fans of the show took to Twitter to slam Lord Sugar’s decision, saying that Martha should’ve been eliminated because of her poor sportsmanship.

"Teaching kids all over Australia that it’s ok to cheat, as long as you win," one person wrote.

Another added: "Seriously, Martha cheats and breaks the rules and remains in the competition. Wasn’t a good example for my two daughters watching the show."

"Totally agree Martha should've been fired tonight. What do you think normally happens to bosses that falsify sales and get caught?," a third commented.

Others called out the Celebrity Apprentice series for being rigged and said they would no longer be watching.

"How predetermined is this show?," one user tweeted. "You can blatantly cheat yet survive. Back to MasterChef."

"This show is an absolute joke how overtly rigged it is. Proof that she just has a guaranteed contract, which is embarrassing," someone else shared.

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