Shocking moment Aussie influencer passes out at friend's wedding

An Australian Instagram model has uploaded a shocking video of the moment she collapsed at her friend’s wedding, after suffering from heatstroke.

Jadé Tuncdoruk, also known as Jadé Tunchy, took to her TikTok account to post the footage, which has already been viewed nearly 10 million times online.

Jadé Tuncdoruk in a black bikini
Jadé passed out at her friend's wedding. Photo: Instagram/Jadé Tuncdoruk

The video shows the 24-year-old standing at the back, watching as the bride and groom take their first kiss together as a married couple.

Next minute Jadé falls face first into the grass, with sorried onlookers rushing to help her.

Jadé’s boyfriend, Lachie Brycki, who was one of the groomsmen on the day, can also be seen in the video, standing at the top of the aisle.

He almost rushes over to his girlfriend right in front of the bride and groom, however, the other groomsmen hold him back and tell him to go around the back, so as not to distract from the couple’s big day.

“That time I passed out at my friend's wedding as they were about to kiss and my boyfriend almost ran in front of them,” Jadé captioned the video.

The model went on to explain in the comments that she knew she was going to pass out because she has had heat stroke before and all she could think was: "please don't let me ruin my friends' wedding".

Jadé Tuncdoruk in a blue dress at her friend's wedding
Jadé uploaded this snap on the day. Photo: Instagram/Jadé Tuncdoruk
Jadé Tuncdoruk at a wedding
She fell flat on her face, just as the couple were saying 'I do'. Photo: Instagram/Jadé Tuncdoruk

“I woke up and they hadn't noticed (they even made it down the aisle). Everyone did a great job at helping me and distracting them,” she said.

Lachie took to his Instagram account on the day, saying: “My wedding date was so hot she passed out... seriously.”

Lachie Brycki and Jade Tunchy at a wedding
Her boyfriend, Lachie Brycki, rushed to be by her side. Photo: Instagram/Lachie Brycki

Commenters couldn’t believe the shocking moment, telling the influencer that it was like something “straight out of a movie”.

Others couldn’t help but gush over her boyfriend, calling him a ‘keep’ and saying she should ‘marry that man’.

Another person said: “WE STAN THAT BEST MAN. He made sure the bride and groom got their kiss moment while nudging your boyfriend to go around and to be sure he did go check.”

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