MAFS viewers slam 'disgusting' moment bisexual groom outed

Married at First Sight viewers have slammed the show for the way new groom Liam Cooper was brutally outed as bisexual at his own wedding reception.

Fans took to Twitter to share their outrage at the fact he was not given the opportunity to open up about his sexuality on his own terms, calling out the show's producers for allowing the 'disgusting' confrontation to play out.

mafs new couple georgia and liam at their wedding
The look on Liam's face says it all. Photo: Channel Nine

In a surprise twist, current MAFS participants were able to attend the intruder weddings, which is when Beck took it upon herself to ask the newest couple Liam and 'wife' Georgia Fairweather about what their 'non-negotiables' were.

Liam said he didn't have any. But Beck pushed further – a move some fans believe to have been suggested by producers – putting the groom on the spot.

"So what happens if they didn't swing your way? Is that a non-negotiable?" Beck asked.


It only took a moment for Georgia to make the connection, before turning to Liam to ask "Are you bisexual?"

His reddening face and shocked expression made it clear he was humiliated as he responded, "I am, yeah. Yeah, yeah", while Beck and Georgia had a good ole laugh.

mafs bride bec speaks to intruder couple at their wedding
Of all people Beck was the one to put Liam on the spot. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers of the episode were outraged by the exchange.

"I'm bisexual myself and the way your producers advertised this episode and treated Liam's bisexuality like a scandal possibility was disgusting," one person wrote.

"No one should be forced to come out like that on national TV. I want to give Liam a big hug," another said.

Others agreed the way the sexuality story line was pushed was "super disrespectful".

"That was not okay how Liam was put on the spot like that," was another comment.

While a fourth agreed: "Reality TV being what it is, if that convo about Liam was staged or planned, #MAFS just sunk to a new level of s**t."

Earlier this month former Married At First Sight star Ines Basic claimed some parts of her time on the show were indeed faked.

The season six star appeared on the Unpopular podcast and claimed the infamous boat scene between her and her 'husband' Bronson Norrish was somewhat scripted.

"That boat scene, half of that was scripted by my producer," Ines claimed.

"That was my producer, half of that was so fake!"

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