MAFS viewers slam groom's 'offensive' joke about sexologist

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Married at First Sight viewers were left in utter shock after Sunday night's commitment ceremony, after the highly-anticipated revelation that James was 'in love with another woman' turned out to be a joke.

The groom made headlines last week when a teaser clip revealed he had supposedly fallen for another person in the experiment, but viewers have branded what was actually happening as "disgusting" and "offensive".

mafs james and jo after bad joke
James' joke didn't go down well with anyone. Photo: Channel Nine

“I think I’m just gonna come clean and say something to you,” James said after he and Jo sat down on the couch for their time with the show's panel of experts.

“I can’t deny it anymore. I’m in love with another woman.”


Jaws collectively dropped around the room, as Jo asked, “Is it someone in the experiment?”

“Yeah. It’s Alessandra,” he said, before jumping up to kiss Alessandra on the cheek.

mafs james kisses alessandra during commitment ceremony
He even jumped up to kiss Alessandra on the cheek. Photo: Channel Nine

And as the confusion around the room becomes clear, James quickly tries to clarify: “I’m trying to lighten the mood. I was only joking."

But fans watching the show at home were left stunned, quickly taking to Twitter to slam the groom for the failed 'joke'.

MAFS star called out for 'offensive' joke

"This is so awkward, I can't watch oh my god," one person said.

"James needs to get sacked off this show after that joke," another outraged viewer wrote.

"OMG! James! What a Jerk!" was another response.

While a fourth said: "Not only disrespectful of his fake wife, but also violated the space of a woman doing her job."

Others called the move "offensive".

Alessandra was left equally baffled, calling out James during the episode.

“I don’t get the joke," she said, looking incredulous.

“I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to Jo, who’s sitting next to you."

MAFS groom James claimed he was 'in love with another woman'

Married At First Sight fans were left gobsmacked earlier this week after an explosive teaser teased last night’s commitment ceremony, showing James tell ‘wife’ Jo Todd that he has fallen for another woman in the experiment.

Speculation exploded online over who the mystery woman would be, with many commenting on the official MAFS Instagram account.

“I reckon it’s Alessandra,” one person correctly guessed of the newest expert to join the panel.

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