EXCLUSIVE: MAFS star Michael's Australia-wide party week

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Married at First Sight groom Michael Goonan has been spotted with a host of different women in the space of just under a fortnight, adding to speculation that his and TV wife Stacey Hampton’s marriage doesn’t go the distance.

Michael had quite the week – enjoying a party-week that took him around almost the whole country.

“Michael’s been on a week-long bender. He hooked up with multiple girls in Darwin, then came to Sydney, hooked up with another girl... and now doing the same in Melbourne,” a source has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle.

“He’s avoiding Adelaide because he is scared of running into Stacey, who is at home looking after her kids.”

MAFS couple michael and stacey
Michael and Stacey have had their ups and downs on MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

Michael spent most of the first few weeks in the social experiment gushing about how he and wife Stacey were the ‘top couple’ in the controversial reality series, only to then be accused of making out with another MAFS bride – specifically David’s wife Hayley – with things coming to a head during this week’s explosive dinner party.

And now it’s been revealed Michael’s partying behaviour, which got him into trouble with Stacey on the series more than once, has also got him into trouble outside of the show.

FEB 6: MAFS’ Michael hits Darwin

Michael’s epic party kicked off the same week Australia watched him marry Stacey on national television after meeting her for the first time.

The business owner was invited to attend an event in the Northern Territory’s capital, where he was snapped chatting with the Belong Events promoter Lily.

MAFS michael showing person his phone
Michael showing a woman something on his phone. Photo: Diimex/Belong Events
MAFS michael at an event with a woman
Sharing a laugh. Photo: Diimex/Belong Events

But while his attendance at the event was relatively PG, in the lead-up Michael reportedly found himself asked to leave a club in the city.

FEB 6-7: Michael is kicked out of a club in Darwin

Two women have claimed MAFS star Michael made unwanted advances towards them during a drunken night out in Darwin on February 6, which ended with an altercation with the venue’s bouncers.

The day after his wedding to Stacey aired, police were reportedly called to Monsoons Restaurant and Party Bar in Darwin after Michael refused security guards’ request to leave the premises.

One female witness, who has asked to remain anonymous, says Michael walked up to her at the club and began hitting on her. She says he then tried to grab her by the waist and she turned around and told him not to touch her.

“I had to tell him four or five times to stop touching me and I had to step back and tell him to give me space. He was s***faced,” she claims.

The woman says Michael eventually ended up walking away. However, ten minutes later when she was sitting outside with friends, she saw him being escorted out by two security guards, who were “just doing their job”.

She claims Michael was standing outside, when he began taking photos of the bouncers on his phone.

“He was saying, ‘this is what happens when you piss off someone with 250,000 followers’. He Googled himself again and was flashing the phone in the bouncer’s face, trying to show them he was famous,” she says.

The woman says the manager of the club then came outside and tried to talk Michael down again before politely asking him to leave. He wouldn’t cooperate, so the manager then called the police.

Another woman named Talisha who says she was also at Monsoons that night also says that security proceeded to kick Michael out of the venue.

“He said to them, ‘do you know who I am? I have money, I’m from MAFS.’” she says.

“Then he Googled himself again, and brought two articles up.”

FEB 13: MAFS Michael kisses ex-Bachelor star in Darwin

Not one to have these ‘setbacks’ ruin his fun, Michael was then spotted hooking up with former Bachelor contestant Renee Barrett in Darwin over a few days, with Renee posting a number of photos to social media.

A clip of the pair locking lips has also since surfaced, however friends claim the pair’s connection was short-lived.

MAFS Michael and Bachelor Renee Barrett kiss
Michael spent some time with Bachie star Renee Barrett. Photos: Diimex

FEB 15: Michael spotted with new woman in Sydney

After his Darwin escapades, Michael flew into Sydney on February 15 and was picked up at the airport by a mystery blonde – since revealed to be aspiring influencer, Abby Saunders.

“She’s a massive MAFS fan,” a source has said. “She’s hung out with Josh from this season and talks to Mike from last season on Instagram a lot.”

MAFS Michael Goonan picked up at Sydney Airport by abby
MAFS Michael Goonan pictured with a blonde girl all while still wearing his wedding ring in Sydney. Photo: Diimex
MAFS michael new girlfriend abby saunders instagram
Abby Saunders is the new woman in Michael's life. Photos: Instagram

Michael and Abby stopped off at a nearby bottle shop to stock up on alcohol before driving to an Airbnb rental in Brighton Le Sands, according to the source.

MAFS michael buying beer
MAFS Michael getting ready for a party. Photo: Diimex
Michael Goonan pictured getting alcohol with abby
Michael Goonan and Abby with their arms full of alcohol. Photo: Diimex

The pair reportedly met up with some of Michael’s friends, who were in the middle of enjoying a buck’s party.

Things certainly appeared to take a turn for the wild, as more women showed up to the party, and clothes started to come off. Michael can be seen in images enjoying a strip show in the party house.

MAFS michael friends bucks party photo
Abby sat on Michael's lap in the kitchen. Photo: Diimex
married at first sight michael house party with KC
MAFS intruder KC seen arriving with another woman. Photo: Diimex
mafs michael naked people house party
Two people are seen naked at the house party. Photo: Diimex
MAFS naked party
Michael and Abby can be seen watching the two people that are naked. Photo: Diimex

FEB 16: MAFS Michael heads to Newcastle

The following morning (Feb 16), Abby and Michael were seen kissing in Sydney.

They then took an Uber all the way from Sydney to Newcastle. At standard rates, that’s roughly a $500 Uber fare.

MAFS Michael Goonan with new girlfriend abby saunders
MAFS Michael with new girl Abby. Photo: Diimex

The pair spent the day together in Newcastle, before they were spotted enjoying a second date.

Michael and Abby went to a pub in Newcastle where they reportedly drank cocktails and beers. She paid for all the drinks and food, a witness reveals.

MAFS Michael and Abby kiss in Newcastle
Michael and Abby in Newcastle. Photo: Diimex
MAFS Michael Goonan on date with abby saunders
Date number two! MAFS Michael Goonan pictured enjoying a second date with mystery blonde. Photo: Diimex
Date number two!MAFS Michael Goonan pictured enjoying a second date with mystery blonde
Michael and Abby make out after another date. Photo: Diimex

FEB 18: MAFS Michael hits up Melbourne

And although things appeared to be going well with Abby, Michael didn’t stop there, reportedly also deciding to hit up a woman in Melbourne.

Michael flew from Sydney to Melbourne on the Monday (Feb 18) and met up with another woman he had been speaking to via Instagram DMs. Yahoo Lifestyle has been given access to a message conversation between that woman and Michael’s TV wife Stacey.

In the messages the woman asked Michael if he has “a girl in every state”.

MAFS Michael melbourne woman
Messages sent to Stacey by a woman from Melbourne. Photo: Diimex

Married at First Sight continues on Channel Nine at 7:30pm Wednesday and Sunday.

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