Married At First Sight contestant shows off giant stomach tattoo

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Married At First Sight star Stacey Hampton has given fans a rare glimpse of her huge stomach tattoo, which she described to Instagram fans as "infamous".

Stacey, who normally keeps the tattoo hidden, shared a selfie taken in front of a full-length mirror wearing a bikini and sarong.

MAFS' Stacey has shared a rare photo of her large stomach tattoo, which she normally keeps hidden. Photo: Instagram/Stacey Hampton
MAFS' Stacey has shared a rare photo of her large stomach tattoo, which she normally keeps hidden. Photo: Instagram/Stacey Hampton

She wrote, "Anyone else trying on bikinis making up in their head where they will be travelling [to] next year?"

The former reality star also cheekily added, "Can’t wait to see an article about the infamous stomach tattoo too."

Stacey has previously opened up about the tattoo in a YouTube video, where she revealed it's a tribute to her late brother who died the same day she was due to give birth to her first son.

In the video, she revealed that she doesn't like to show it off because it's "very sentimental".

"Everyone keeps asking me about this. I hide my stomach tattoo and I'm getting all my little ones lasered off."

"My stomach tattoo is very sentimental. When my brother died I was pregnant with my firstborn. So after he was born I got a tribute on my stomach."

She explained that the tattoo has her brother's name and the words "forever young".

Stacey went on to say, "I may or may not post a close-up one day, but it's very sentimental to me. Even with bikinis I'll wear a one-piece or put a sarong over it."

She even said that because it's so personal, it makes her feel a "little self-conscious' in public.

On the show, Stacey wore a bikini while on 'husband' Michael Goonan's homestay in Adelaide, but she wore a pair of shorts high up over her waist, perhaps so that viewers couldn't get a good look at the tattoo.

Stacey recently spoke to Daily Mail Australia about her "dark" life that has been marked by tragedy since she was just one year old.

“Picture looking back on your life growing up as a highlight reel... only mine was so dark,” she said.

She revealed that when she was one, her father mysteriously disappeared and when she tried to ask her mother what happened she would refuse to answer and would burst into tears.

When she was six or seven, her older sister explained that their father had taken his own life on New Years Day in 1995.

Stacey said, "I fell into a trap of not understanding men, always believing I never needed a man which is what led me to my poor choices in relationships and I often fall for men with issues."

"I always want to be the saviour as this has always been my role in life."

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