MAFS' Stacey deletes Instagram over social distancing furore

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

MAFS Stacey has deleted her Instagram account after fans lobbed criticism her way over a video they believed showed the mum flouting social distancing laws, but that was in fact just a throwback video.

Stacey kept the account deactivated for a total of eight hours before reappearing with a cryptic post on her stories.

Stacey Hampton took a very brief hiatus from Instagram over a social distancing misunderstanding. Photo: Instagram/ staceylhampton

The mum of two initially uploaded the video of herself on the treadmill with a friend on Wednesday.

“Back to gym days,” she captioned the snap of the busy business.

It seems the former reality contestant was then treated to a flurry of angry messages, as she followed up the video with a tense message to her almost 200k followers.

“Everyone messaging me please read caption on my post prior,” she wrote. “It says ‘back to gym days’. No gyms are open, it's common knowledge I believe.”

Stacey's gym photo was a throwback, though many followers missed that detail. Photo: Instagram/staceylhampton

True to Stacey’s message gyms have been closed since lockdown restrictions came into effect in March.

Stacey then took the eyebrow-raising step of deactivating her Instagram, a huge move for someone whose following base and fans reside almost entirely online.

“I've deleted my Instagram for the moment,” she told The Daily Mail on Wednesday. “I'm just distancing myself from the negativity and all that comes with it.”

She told the publication she would be focusing on her charity for the foreseeable future though promised she would be returning to the platform ‘at some point’.

The account is now active once again.

Stacey returns to Instagram

Stacey returned to the platform with a cryptic post. Photo: Instagram/staceylhampton

The mum returned after her very brief hiatus with a cryptic post that indicated she was looking for some space and time from the always-updating life of social media.

“Time is something money can’t buy,” she wrote on the photo of herself. “Time is what I desire.”

The coronavirus has seen more than one personality come under fire over a disregard of the social distancing restrictions, although unlike Stacey not all were innocent of a major misstep.

UK celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has raised eyebrows and ire with his apparent disregard for the country’s strict rules around staying home.

Similarly, singer Rita Ora was spotted in a rented home in the countryside despite the government demanding residents stay at their primary address for the duration fo the pandemic.

The UK has lost just shy of 30,000 people to the virus as of May 5th, Australia’s death count currently stands at 97 as of May 6th.

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