'I didn't do it': MAFS' Stacey hits back at Mikey's lie detector claims

Marni Dixit
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After an exclusive video published on Yahoo Lifestyle showed Married At First Sight's Mikey Pembroke undergoing a lie detector test to prove he had indeed slept with fellow reality star Stacey Hampton, she has denied his accusations.

Stacey claims "nothing happened between Mikey Pembroke and I, no sexual relations, nothing. I can guarantee that and I can sit here and swear on anything."

In another video obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, Stacey was asked about Tuesday night's episode of the show where the allegations were brought up at the final dinner party, resulting in the breakdown of her relationship with Michael Goonan.

"Mikey couldn't even look me in the eyes, he actually got his ex to do it for him. I swore black and blue as I will today, that Mikey and I have [never] ever shared any sort of sexual intimacy. We were friends and that is it, and I get where the presumptions have come from, because we did share coffee together and we did hang out.

"It actually rattles me why Mikey, still to this day, is continuing to bring these rumours up regarding us, I have nothing to gain. I lost my partner due to these rumours. I would admit it if it happened, but I'm going to sit here and swear on anything that it didn't happen and I don't get why he's saying it,” Stacey added.

In video obtained exclusively by Yahoo Lifestyle, MAFS' Stacey insists she never slept with Mikey, despite him taking a lie detector test that proves otherwise. Photo: Supplied

She said that the fact Natasha Spencer, Mikey's ex-wife, brought up the allegations made it even worse.

"The fact that he got his ex to bring it up says a lot about him, he couldn't even look me in the eye last night when I was addressing him and asking him why he was actually going on with these rumours."

MAFS Mikey has stood his ground on the rumours he and Stacey hooked up. Photo: Channel Nine

Stacey suggested that the reason Mikey is continuing on with these rumours is because he's upset that she rejected him the week they both wrote "leave" at a commitment ceremony.

"I actually do think it stemmed from him wanting to stay with me in the experiment when we both wrote 'leave' that same week, I think maybe it was rejection."

The rumour immediately resulted in the breakdown of her 'marriage' with Michael Goonan with Stacey explaining: "I'm really upset, the fact that a rumour like this with no evidence and the guy claiming the rumour happened couldn't even look me in the eyes or even look at me after or say anything to me after has completely broken up a love between a Michael and I."

She added that while she had been there for Michael when allegations were thrown around that he had kissed Hayley Vernon, he wasn't there for her in the same way.

"The fact that I was there for Michael when the allegations [about him] came out – there were videos, there were people in the room who vouched for it – and he had the audacity to sit there and doubt me, says more about Michael."

Stacey has slammed Michael for not having her back when the rumours came out. Photo: Channel Nine

When asked about the breakup she said, "It was a mutual breakup with Michael and I, he was like, 'I don't believe you', and I said, 'I can tell you don't believe me, I'm not going to stay with you if you don't believe me, because I wouldn't be standing here still saying that I didn't do it, because I've lost you anyway, I'm still not going to say I didn't do it.'

"And I said, 'I'll sleep peacefully at night knowing that I didn't actually do anything and you can think what you like.'"

"I'm more disappointed in Michael that anyone, because rumours are rumours and rumours happen everyday and if this is how he takes one rumour, then he needs a lot of help."

When asked what she'd say to Mikey if she could, Stacey said: "I wish Mikey would actually talk to me, I think he's scared of me or something. I don't know why he can't even look me in the eyes. I [saw] him today and he completely avoided me, he was outside, he literally puts his head down when he's near me. I don't know if he's gutless or what the deal is there."

She added, "I looked at him directly in the eyes last night, he couldn't even talk to me properly, he just kind of sat there and said, 'I've got nothing to gain.' And I said, 'Well, I've got nothing to lose either, if I did it, I'd admit it, I have nothing to lose at this point, I've lost my partner, the guy I loved.'"

When asked about a clip producers played in the episode that saw Stacey saying that if she cheated she'd take the secret to the grave, she said: "I do think if I cheated on someone I would take it to the grave. I didn't cheat on Michael, the allegations came out when I wasn't with Michael – I have nothing to lose or gain from that."

"If I actually did it, I would say something."

Natasha Spencer brought up the allegations during the final dinner party on MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

Stacey went on to say: "Regardless of what everyone is saying... I'm going to sit here and say nothing happened between Mikey Pembroke and I, no sexual relations, nothing. I can guarantee that and I can sit here and swear on anything."

When asked if she saw the possibility of a reconciliation with Michael, she responded, "I don't hate anyone, so as far as reconciliation goes, if he comes around and says he wants to be friends, that's fine. But you know what, he has literally betrayed me over a rumour. If this was in any real life scenario, people wouldn't have acted like that. It was disgusting. There was no proof... I'm disgusted in Michael and how he didn't have my back."

"I'm just really upset and angry and hurt at the moment... I'm just disappointed in Mikey for facilitating those rumours, but you know what, I get it, rumours are rumours, people do it for their own reasons, for their own gain. I get it. I'm not naive. But for Michael not to believe me, that's on him."

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