Margot Robbie's secret return to Neighbours for finale: 'Bittersweet'

Margot Robbie got her first big break playing Donna Freedman in Neighbours, and it has just been revealed that she’s going to appear in the soap’s series finale.

According to, the star wasn’t able to make it back to Australia to film, but filmed her scene over Zoom from LA.

L: Margot Robbie as Donna on Neighbours, looking concerned. R: Margot Robbie poses at a red carpet event wearing a white top and gold earrings
Margot Robbie will be appearing on the last episode of Neighbours. Photo: Ten & Getty

While she was unable to be with the cast on the final day of filming, she did send a thoughtful gift — expensive champagne for the cast and crew.

She specifically sent 37 bottles of champagne to celebrate the 37 years the show has been on screen, making it the longest-running Australian soap in history.


Many of the cast shared their thanks to Margot on social media for the kind gesture.

The show will tie up loose ends in a dramatic 90-minute episode, airing on Channel 10 on Thursday, July 28.

Screenshot of the Neighbours promo, showing Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan smiling on Ramsay Street. Kylie is wearing a denim jacket and sunglasses.
Former stars will come back for one last episode. Photo: Ten

Storylines from the finale have been leaked, and The Daily Telegraph has explained why so many stars will be returning.

Toadie Rebecchi, played by Ryan Moloney, will be getting married to Melanie Pearson, played by Lucinda Cowden, and everybody has been invited.

Fans will be delighted to hear that Mike Young, played by Guy Pearce, will make his return to Erinsborough. The publication teases that old feelings resurface with his ex Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones.

Chloe Brennan, played by April Rose Pengilly, puts her house on the market — and more than one former Ramsay Street resident is interested in the property.

Dr Karl Kennedy, played by Alan Fletcher, will clash with returning character Izzy Hoyland, played by Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

The soap also announced that Delta Goodrem, Kym Valentine, Jesse Spencer and Carla Bonner will appear in the finale.

Superstar Kylie Minogue previously gave fans a first look at her cameo on the show, posting two photos with her on-screen partner Jason Donovan.

The pair played Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell, with their wedding in 1987 considered one of Neighbours’ most iconic moments.

Reportedly, the couple drive a green mini on Ramsay Street, with Scott and Charlene declaring they’re home.

Fans were overjoyed with the list of stars coming back, but it’s a ‘bittersweet’ week for many.

“So glad Jesse Spencer is coming back for the finale of Neighbours. I’m currently watching him starring in Chicago Fire. It’s going to be an emotional week,” one fan wrote.

“Happiness and sadness at the same time. Wonderful how the cast haven’t forgotten their roots and showing solidarity. Delighted to see the many returns, but incredibly disappointed and heartbroken that such a valued and highly loved Neighbours is shortly coming to an end,” another added.

“It’s bittersweet to say goodbye, but lovely to see so many of my favourites back,” a third chimed in.

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